Sunday, June 29, 2014

I drove north to Craig and Jesse's estate. The thermometer revealed that Phoenix is indeed hotter than Tucson.

Mapworst had only one incorrect direction, so I was only slightly late. We went to lunch at a nice place and I had macaroni and cheese.


Downtown Phoenix seems to be reviving, lots of artsy places and small restaurants. People were staggering around in the inferno heat, seemingly enjoying themselves. A good sign.


Jesse enjoyed the cheese platter and Craig a black bean burger.

Afterward we went to see an art-film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. The Dance of Reality is hard to describe- an autobiographical film with many fantasy elements. There were several scenes uncomfortable to watch. The film will be the subject of many future MFAs.

We returned home and later I realized I had left my camera back at the theatre. Chopper accompanied us on the quest to retrieve it.

Blurry Homer and Chopper.

Craig made supper, a delicious appetizer and then buckwheat noodles and a pesto sauce.


We watched a poorly-conceived science fiction movie. In the morning, Craig made pancakes.

Of course I forgot to photo the angelfood cake and lemon curd I made for the guys. It was very good, if I can be boastful. 

Back in Tucson, my house is an oven. 

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