Monday, July 21, 2014

I drove south to Hereford to visit with Ray and Robert.

I brought along prickly pear syrup, which they used for a colorful drink that rapidly attracted hornets.

Cheers! Ray and Robert.

I waded about in the pool.

Always nice to be in water.

We discussed life and all of its excitements.

Gin and tonics make me buzzed.

As the sun went down we went to the viewing area for the sunsety.

I am stocky.

The sunset became pretty. 


The company was nice.

White wine does not attract wasps.

The sky changed colors.


I drove home in the dark and slept well, the insomnia of the past few weeks appears to have slid away from my brain. I guess getting the hotel project on Friday has relieved some of the worries.

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