Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Let's make Homer-made fig newtons.

First go out in the backyard and feed Buddy breakfast.

Good morning Buddy.

The fig tree is in my neighbor Dan's yard. About three years ago he stopped watering it and it mostly died. I have been watering it with the hose and when I empty and clean out Buddy's wading pool, so it is gradually coming back. I had to climb over the fence to get some of the figs. They exude a white fluid that makes my skin itch!

The fig tree.

I picked about 20 figs. Little bugs come out of the insides of many of them. I washed them and set them on the counter all day.


I got home from work and told Puff he had to get off the table. 

He was not happy.

Snowball is always well-behaved.

He likes me the best.

I washed dishes, scrubbed the table, wiped down the mixer and started following the recipe (I used the second one on this page).

Flour, salt, cinnamon.

I blended the butter, sugar, two egg whites, and vanilla in my Martha mixer. After I added the flour and mixed it in, I put the dough in the fridge for two hours to rest.

I then chopped the figs, added a little sugar and lemon juice.

Chopped figs- the 20 or so made four cups.

I cooked it down and tasted it, not really sweet.

Cooked compote.

I rolled the dough out. It is very hot and humid and so it didn't want to cooperate. I cut strips and placed the fig compote on.


I rolled the dough over and tried to seal it with very limited success.

Ready to bake.

In the oven for about 20 minutes. They come out fairly soft.


They don't taste much like store-bought Fig Newtons, but they are still good. They kind of have a rhubarb taste to them.

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