Friday, January 02, 2015

We are having or three days of winter in Tucson. I have the outside plants covered. Buddy is sleeping in Doug's house. Outside the water freezes and I noticed a snowflake-like patch in a pot.


I don't have fancy central heat. There is a space heater in the living room that my mother has on 24 hours a day. She sits on the couch under a heating pad. It is currently 69 degrees and she is freezing. She complains about the cold. I pulled out the electric blanket and now she is huddled under it.


It has been a difficult six weeks. Every meal I cook is stressful. She is free with criticism, has no reserve about saying things that other people would not say. My mother has always been socially awkward, and that seems to be getting more pronounced as she ages.

So anyways. Happy New Year.

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