Thursday, April 09, 2015

Spring time is rapidly transitioning to summer. My backyard is full of wildflowers and cacti blooming. I don't think Buddy notices the flowers. He just wants pets and scratches. And to give smooches.

Buddy and Homer.

Neighbor Dan is taking care of a female pitbull named Precious. She likes to bark and snarl, but is actually a pretty nice doggy once you get down to her level. I bribe her with dog biscuits and scratches.


It was a warm winter so the cacti did not suffer much. Usually it freezes and a bunch of pads fall to the ground. Not this year. Some of the prickly pears are just enormous.

My favorite, it has purplish pads.

The bird of paradise decided to put on a big show this year,

Bird of paradise.

Some of the plants are those planted by Vince back in the mid-2000s. 

Bloom or monster?

Others are cacti that I rescued,

Red flowering cactus.

The birds planted most of the wildflowers.


I particularly like the lavender and yellow asters.


The pomegranate bush is busy flowering. The fruit never mature correctly and burst open. I really don't have a green thumb.


Meanwhile, Snowball and Puff are watching me through the French doors. The doors and the trim around them are getting repaired in the next few weeks. I guess I will wash the cat nose prints off when that happens.

Snowball and Puff.

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