Friday, July 31, 2015

I spit into a tube and sent it off to Ancestry.com. The results arrived.

I am primarily western Europe- 40 percent, with 30 percent England and 15 percent Irish. This is what I suspected already, based on the over 35 years of genealogical research I have conducted.

The surprise was in the smaller amounts:

4 percent Iberian peninsula
4 percent Italy/Greece
2 eastern Europe
2 percent Scandinavian (I knew I had some Swedish more than 10 generations back)
2 percent Jewish
1 percent Caucasus

Who these people are I haven't a clue. I'm going to have my mother do the DNA test and see which places her ancestry comes from.

My maternal grandmother used to claim that there was Native American ancestry in her Clawson family. That has now been dis-proven.

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