Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Often when I am at work a movement catches my eye and I turned to my left and spot either a bobcat or a coyote(s) walking by. I call out to Patti and Sarah and we go into the next cubicle and watch.

There are two or three bobcats. One has a limp. This one doesn't and looks very healthy, probably eating rabbits, ground squirrels, maybe an occasional cat.

I tapped on the window and it pauses to look at me.

It rapidly lost interest and continued on, climbing back and forth across the fence.

It eventually went behind the agave, which you can see on the left, and started scratching around. Patti wondered why. I reminded her that cats like to do that when they poop or pee.

One of the perks of living next to a wildlife corridor.

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