Monday, April 25, 2016

Post 2,700.

Slightly more than six months to the election. I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Arizona primary. I will vote for her in the general election on November 8.

I have acquaintances who are Bernie Sanders supporters. Some of them post ridiculous articles on Facebook. Every day I learn how satanic Mrs. Clinton is. Every single thing she does is evil. I've had to block several people's posts because the bullshit just gets too much to handle.

The most childish of these folks are the ones saying they won't vote in the election if Sanders doesn't get the nomination. Temper tantrums are for little kids.

I had a favorable impression of Bernie Sanders. I went to one of his rallies in Phoenix and agreed with what he had to say. The favorable impression has withered away in the last couple of weeks due to both things he has said and the blabbering of his supporters.

Six more months. SIGH.

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