Friday, June 17, 2016

One morning on the dig I arrived and found a sleepy lizard in the pit structure I was digging.

Wonder if lizards dream?

I caught it and put it outside the fence in a safe place.

Hello there.

All of the buckets have my name on them.

Homer's All Purpose Bucket.

I dug an area of what was thought to be a pit structure. One of the first things I found was an Empire Point, maybe 3,000 years ago. The Hohokam often picked up points and re-used them.

Empire Point.

The feature, which may or may not be a pit structure, had many pretty decorated sherds.

I attended a conference in Phoenix and got to spend the night at Craig and Jesse's house. We had Indian food. It was delicious. Afterward, I was asleep by 9 PM (I'm currently getting up at 4:15 AM.


Jesse and I.

So I wake up Sunday to the news of the massacre in Orlando. So tired of gun violence, internalized homophobia, religion, praying politicians, hypocritical politicians, etc. I called all of my elected people and asked them to do something. 

Richard and Hiram had asked me to go to the train show that day and we went to escape the news for a while, The train show turned out to be a bust, it was mostly dealers. We admired the Korean fabric sculptures. I took them to the Presidio Park and then we went to India Oven for Indian food.

Hiram and Richard.

Today, in the sweltering heat, Jenny and I worked on a 1920s outhouse pit at the dig site. A surprise find, filled with domestic trash. Lots of nasty tin cans, poorly preserved, rusted together. About 15 whole bottle though.

Some of the bottles.

I was surprised at how deep the outhouse pit was getting. And then I found a plaster nose, shortly afterward by pieces of a plaster statue. My co-workers described it as "creepy." And then I found a second identical statue, this time only broken in three pieces. It is a 1920s flapper girl.

The figurine.

The figurine is the type that you would get as a prize at a fair. It has hand-painted eyes with lavender eye shadow, she wears a turban, has an evening gown on. 

Close up.

I was worried that the outhouse pit was going to be too deep.

At the four foot level.

We can only dig down five feet before we have to strip back further to meet OSHA rules. The outhouse pit cuts through a Hohokam pit structure, which complicates things.

Jenny screening dirt.

Luckily, I found the bottom just past four feet. On Monday I get to finish the paperwork, map, and do a cross section.

That's if I survive the hellish weekend heat. Supposed to be 114.

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