Monday, July 18, 2016

Tyler and I drove to New Mexico for work. 

New Mexico.

We stopped at the Pepper Pot restaurant in Hatch and I had a grilled cheese with green chile pepper and onion rings for lunch. So good.

Tyler should have been a farmer.

We stayed in the Super 8 in Santa Fe. Would not recommend the place. Mystery stains on the floor and mystery gravy for breakfast. I did enjoy the air conditioning and cable tv.

Here I am at the office, well the dig site. I am enjoying the cool weather. The weathermen screeched about the horrible heat but I thought it was very nice.


We were digging around an 1890s cabin in Pecos National Historical Park. The cabin is going to be restored next year and the Park Service needs to know what sort of archaeology is present. The cabin is on the Glorieta Battlefield and we were also hoping to find evidence of the Civil War battle that took place there in March 1862.

The cabin.

There were wildflowers blooming. This gourd plant was next to where we parked the Suburban.


There are a lot of artifacts scattered around the surface of the site. We laid out units and counted them. On the first day I found a fragment of a cannon ball. We would find another fragment and two Minie bullets, so there was scant evidence for the battle.

One 2m by 2m unit's artifacts.

On Saturday, Tyler, his wife Mariel, and her delightful grandmother Heather and I went to Chaco Canyon. I had not been there since 1990.

Pueblo Bonito.

The visitor center needs some displays. The ruins didn't seem as big as I remembered it.

T-shaped doorway.

Tyler and Mariel enjoyed seeing the pueblo.

Mariel and Tyler peering through doorways.

Grandma Heather was fun to talk to. At 87, her mind is really sharp. 

Mariel and Heather.

Santa Fe is known for its green chile. We went to La Choza twice for meals. I was more impressed by the food at El Comal.

Green chile cheese enchiladas at El Comal.

On Thursday, Tyler and I backfilled and because we finished early, we drove over to Bandelier National Monument. This park has both pueblos and caveates.


The caveates are small rooms cut into the soft stone of the nearby cliffs.

Red mural within a caveate.

Tyler climbed up ladders to see the cave at the top with a kiva, one which you aren't allowed to go into (unlike back in 1990).

Tyler on the ladder.

A friendly deer stood along the trail on the way out.


It was a nice break to escape to Santa Fe. Now I am back in Tucson and it is hot and humid.

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