Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Catching up. Life has been super busy. Damien moved back to Tucson from DC and I had him over for pizza and craft activity. We were going to build the White House.


I purchase the kit at Trader Joe's on sale. 

Walls up.

It came with pre-made sugar cookie parts, squeezable frosting, and candy decorations. 


After falling apart, we realized that our building skills sucked. A liberal application of frosting helped stick it together.

War of 1812 damage visible.

It looked exactly like the examples on the box.

Really, it did.

For pool volleyball I made a chocolate malt cake.

Everyone loved it.

We played many games of volleyball.


I was mostly on the winning team. Having monkey arms helps.

Waiting for the serve.

Fun way to mark the passing of summer, although in Arizona summer lasts until the end of October.

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