Monday, December 26, 2016

Jose came north from Nogales, Sonora to spend Holiday at my house. Where he is from in Zacatecas, Jesus brings presents and puts them next to the bed. No Santa!

We dressed up and went to Richard and Roger's Xmas Eve party. Earlier we made apple and lemon meringue pies and I brought along the lemon meringue. It was 3/4 eaten up. We played the three dollar gambling game and David won. He took this photographic image of us.

Josselo and Homer.

I gave Jose Little House in the Big Woods, English and Spanish versions. I hope he likes it!

We went over to Nathan's for mimosas and I showed Jose the new mural near my house. It is beautiful.

Frida and Diego.

Jose made a friend at Nathan's. 

Cuddle buddies.

Jose saw the snow on the Catalinas and wanted to go see it. Unfortunately, the road was closed at the base of the mountain.

Snowy Catalina Mountains.

At home, we made lasagna and then we made Holiday cards. Jose had never done either before. He enjoyed the craft activities.

At 6 PM, Doug, Steve, Richard, and Jeffrey came over and we had Holiday Supper. We had a very nice time, it was the best way to spend an evening. Unfortunately, I was having so much fun I forgot to take photos. But everyone admired the fancy plate settings and enjoyed the food. I sent Steve home with lots of leftovers.

I hope however you celebrate, or don't celebrate, that you have a good last week for 2016, but Jesus Fucking Christ this has been a mostly nasty year. I can hardly wait for 2017 to see what Dipshit does to destroy everything, but hey, maybe he will behave and get off goddam Twitter and grow-up. HA HA HA HA. Like that is going to happen.

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