Thursday, December 22, 2016

To keep my mind occupied, I have been celebrating Holiday by doing the things I always do.

A couple of nights ago I made a double batch of Better Homes & Garden sugar cookies, using the cookbook I received in the early 1980s as a Christmas present.

And then last night I decorated them. I recently bought a set of gel coloring from Michael's (half off coupon, made them very reasonably priced). I had used the colors for icing for an event at the Presidio Park last weekend, and had put the leftover icing in sealed plastic bags. I only had to make one new color (supposed to be purple but looks more dark blue).

The rounded tree, chicken, and lion were the cookie cutters my nice grandmother had (along with a horse and a rabbit).

So I put the icing in small bags, cut the corner off and squeezed. These are the nicest cookies:

I'm pretty sick of cookies by now.

I always make my own Holiday cards. The last few years I made them with friends, but this year that wasn't possible. I used old sheet music for some of them. I need to come up with some new ideas for next year. Some people are getting cards decorated with pictures from a 1950s Mexican magazine, they were probably the most creative.

2016 Holiday cards.

One of my readers sent me a lovely bow tie as a present. I really appreciate that, and I'll be sure to post a picture, but you'll have to wait until I trim the beard because it would be invisible.

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