Friday, May 05, 2017

Catching up.

I skipped the annual egg decorating and egg hunt party. For several reasons including my busy schedule and being somewhat grumpy. I did invite Kamron over to decorate cookies and then Dino stopped by and I made him decorate one.

Egg Day Cookies.

And then back north traipsing through the woods. And finding many sites and occasionally seeing some wildlife,


Gopher snake.

The scenery along Fossil Creek can be very lovely, as long as I forget that I just walked three hours in to see it and have to walk all the way back out again.We had to scramble up and down some truly scary slopes. In the picture below I am clutching the rocks to keep from falling down. Unpleasant.

Several hundred feet up.

We also had to wade across Fossil Creek in several places. I took off my pants once to keep them from getting wet.

Remnant of a dam.

Lots of wildflowers blooming, I really liked this perky cactus.


Along the endless trail was some fun rock art, including people holding hands. What you cannot see in the picture is someone named Oscar scratched his name across the image. According to a previous survey, this happened before 1987. Vandals suck.

Rock art.

Paul and Jon came over and we played cribbage and Mexican train dominoes.

Paul and Jon.

I won the last game of dominoes.

Mexican train.

For the annual meeting of the non-profit I am president of I made a chocolate mayonnaise cake with chocolate meringue frosting, a gluten free carrot cake (Namaste brand spice cake mix) with vanilla cream cheese frosting, a lemon meringue pie, and a coconut cream pie. All but two cake slices were eaten up.

Cake and pies.

Then back north to finish the survey. I managed to lose my new glasses and my compass. I am a clutz during surveys.

Tyler, Connie, and the Clutz.

We had our last lunch sitting on boulders next to the river watching the fish. I stuck my hand in and two fish grabbed my fingers. I almost screamed.

Apache trout?

Rob was driving from San Francisco to Oklahoma City and spent the night in Tucson. We went to Rosas and had Mexican food and caught up. Nice to see him and we had a fun time.


Every afternoon I come home from work and Buddy is excited to see me. He usually hates having his picture taken, so apparently I caught him in a good mood couple of days ago.

Happy Buddy.

Swamp coolers are going. Jeffrey gave me his old one and Kamron came over and helped me hoist it onto the roof. It is very effective, if I leave it on my house goes down to 55.

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