Sunday, May 21, 2017

Last weekend was the festival at the Mission Garden. I worked my non-profit's booth, but had time to wander around the garden and see things. There are a lot of hollyhocks. They remind me of my childhood in Buckley, where every year I'd pluck one of every color of hollyhocks and press them between pages of old Sears catalogs. I wonder whatever happened to them.


While I was at the booth, people were busy cutting wheat and putting it on a giant piece of canvas. They then had a pair of horses stomp over the wheat, separating the heads from the stalks. I wondered aloud what would happen in one of the horses pooped in the grain, and almost immediately afterward one did. I don't plan on eating any of that wheat.


Every day when I come home from work, Buddy is super excited to see me. I sit on the porch and rub his tummy. And then I get to clean up his poop. He certainly makes a lot of that.


Summer has arrived and I am watering things. I mostly have a black thumb, so I have a few potted plants, some bushes, a hackberry that sprouted in the front yard, and the trees. One of my two lemon trees looks like it will actually produce lemons this year.


To save money I gave myself a haircut. On Saturday night I worked the door of game show. This was the second time. The woman who has been doing it for a long time snapped at me a couple of times. That was a tad annoying.

Game show.

My next genealogy book is 300 pages of newspaper transcriptions from 1866 to 1869. I am busy entering the names for the index into an Excel file. I just finished page 140 tonight, almost half done (90 pages over the weekend). I'm hoping to complete it in the next couple of weeks.

And then there is the crap show of our presidential politics. Crazier and crazier. What will happen next? I remember watching Nixon resign in August 1974, at the house in Buckley with all the hollyhocks. Wonder when I will get to see Orange resign. Hope he takes closet case Pence with him.

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