Thursday, March 15, 2018

I noticed a damp smell in the study. I finally emptied out the closet and lifted the flooring of the hatch and looked down in. The pipe running from the cat bathroom to the main sewer pipe was leaking. A puddle of black water was visible. The first plumber refused to fix it. I have another one coming tomorrow. I climbed down there, vacuumed up the disgusting water, spread lime and sprayed bleach. I discovered the kitchen pipe was burst too, it appears that the pipe froze back in December.

Crawl space.

Super tired of the house being a mess. Can't wait for the pipes to be fixed and my house back to normal, especially because I am having a party on the 25th.

Things are beginning to bloom. Spring is here. 


I've been grumpy. Tired of home repairs. In my spare time I've been reading, watching Youtube videos on painting conservation. Tonight I'm watching a video about mosaics.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Spring has arrived. The weather is a little weird, windy some, rainy some. And then it can get warm in the afternoon.

A geranium on my front porch is starting to bloom.


Progress on mother's family history book. It is over 350 pages long. I'm not happy about the way it is formatting, Microsoft Word is useless. But the people who get copies with enjoy it (I hope!).

An Admiral Dewey "Hero of Manila" paperweight that belonged to great-great grandfather Ransom.

Out on a testing project. Found some interesting things. The soil is rock hard. I was so tired from scraping and digging. Also, I am the fattest I have ever been and it is difficult to do things with a belly in the way.

Today I went to an Oscar Party at Nate's and this morning I watched a video on how to make a tres leche cake. Once years ago I made one and it was awful. But I decided to make one. Turns out it is super easy. Also very pretty with the canned peaches and pineapple and fresh strawberries lying on the whipped cream. I arrived at the party with it and within 40 minutes it was gone. People were raving about it, so I think I will be making it again. Temporary roommate Kevin is having a colonoscopy tomorrow and had to see the cake, I felt bad about that.

Tres leche cake.

I have a leaky pipe under the house and have to wash dishes in the shower. I need to call a plumber tomorrow and arrange for someone to crawl under the house and replace one or two pipes. Yeah- NOT.

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