Sunday, July 31, 2005

Happy Blogday. Today commences year three. It is kinda amazing the nice things that have happened in the last two years. I've met some fabulous guys, become really close friends with a couple (hey Archerr!, hey Jimbo!), and expanded my boundaries beyond my little casa. I guess even more excitement is in store for me.

However, I spent the morning doing tedious yardwork. Raking the alley is fun! Shoveling the dirt and grass that accumulates along your curb is funner! Cleaning the roach infested water meter thingy is the best.

In the afternoon my life improved immensely. I climbed in the trusty Saturn and mosied over to IBTs for karoake. I arrived soon after Patrick and Brady.


A few cool beers under an overcast sky. Patrick lit a cigar and passed it to Brady and I. They made fun of my less-than-adequate-cigar-smoking skills. The last time I puffed on a cigar was probably 1984.


A few more beers, courage instilled. We sang a Scissor Sisters song. Badly. Later Brady and I sang Crazy and Bridge Over Troubled Water. Badly. The last time I sang in public was my 6th grade Christmas program, except that bitch Mrs. White didn't let us boys sing on stage cause we sang poorly. Somethings don't change.

Homer and Brady "sing."

A bit more beer, some spilled.

I wore my Boy Scouts shirt. I didn't get electrocuted.

Panchesco came, without camera. He told me of his latest photo shoot. The guy is hot, hot, hot.

David C. and Panchesco.

We wandered out of the bar at 8:30, parting ways at the corner. I've known Patrick for years. In the last year, he has become a really good friend. I value his opinion and his sense of humor. Brady I've known for only a month or so, but that is long enough to know. He's a great guy too.

At 8:30.

A few moments later I get into my car only to see that the Saturn is celebrating on my Blogday too.

75,000 and counting.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Interactive Homer. So what facial hair looks best on me? I await your vote in the comment section.

Full beard.


Chin goatee.

Fu manchu.

Clean shaven.

Friday, July 29, 2005

The last 21 hours in pictures:

Dinner at La Indita with Brady and Patrick.

I helped out on an archaeology dig at a 2,000 year old site today. Beautiful desert- lots of cacti and animals, soon to be bulldozed for a new resort for rich folks.

At 5:30 AM, the sunrise is pretty.

Today desert, tomorrow a parking lot.

I used a pair of pliers to pick a half bucket of prickly pear fruit.

I saw a blooming barrel cactus near where I was working.

I was pretty tired by 2:00 PM.

I washed the fruit and mashed them up in my big pot.

After it started boiling, I let it simmer for 20 minutes.

I draped cheesecloth over a colander and dumped the pulp in. Right now I'm boiling the red liquid down into syrup. Maybe I'll make margaritas with it.

Who knows what the next few hours will bring.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

If I could time travel I'd go back to the summer of 1840. For purely selfish reasons, I'd like to go to New York state and look up two of my ancestors- James in Cayuga County and Ebenezer in Steuben County- and ask them about their lives. I've been researching my family's history for almost 30 years (I started when I was a kid) and these two men are still somewhat of a mystery.

Afterwards I'd head west and figure out a way to visit Tucson. It would be a dangerous trip- the Apache Indians were not pleased with outsiders and frequently attacked people in the area. I'd bring along a couple of extra memory cards and take a zillion pictures of the Mexican fort. I'd ask to see the church records and I would photo every page- when the soldiers left in 1856 those records disappeared. I'd ask people what they ate, what kind of games the kids played. I'd inventory their homes and so on. All the things that I'd like to know that would help me make sense of what I dig up.

What would I bring back as a souvenir of 1840? Back in New York I would buy a big cage and have someone catch me a whole bunch of passenger pigeons. They were once the most common bird in North America and were hunted to extinction, the last one dying in a zoo in 1914.

If you could go back in time where would you go and what would you bring back?

Sitting on the back steps at 6:02 PM.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I guess much of the rest of the country is enjoying excessive temperatures.

Monsoon clouds.

Every afternoon the clouds billow up, coming from the east to the west. It hasn't rained as much as normal, I wish it would just pour. I get to work outside tomorrow morning and all day Friday. Luckily, it won't be over 100.


Friday I'll be helping to dig a pithouse on the north side of the Tucson basin. Out in the desert in a spot that will soon be bladed for a housing development. That is the tradeoff- often I get to dig in really beautiful spots, only knowing that soon the place will be trashed so rich people can live in super-huge 3-car-garage homes. I wonder what will happen when the next really bad drought happens- where will the water come from to fill up the swimming pools for those folks?

Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm sorey. So last week a cold sore popped out on my lip. The same spot it always does, although the last time was three years ago. OUCH, it hurted bad... In addition, I've been on a diet for seven days now. I'm guessing I've lost a few pounds, since my shorts aren't so tight. I mostly have good will power.

Yesterday the top three stories in the paper were about bombs. Crazy. There are a lot of fucked up people who are willing to blow themselves up. I pause now to post some pretty pictures instead of dwelling on crapola.



Yesterday's answers: kittens, wheat, lightning, Dynasty, and plaid. Bonus: social disease.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

5.2 percent error. Opinions please:

1). Kittens or puppies?
2). White or wheat bread?
3). Lightning or thunder?
4). Dynasty or Dallas?
5). Plaid or stripes?

Bonus Match Game 73 question: "I went out last night and the only thing I got was ____."

Friday, July 22, 2005

I was thinking about 'outing' today while painting the guest house. A friend of Jimbo wrote that he was "offended at the idea." I'm much less offended.

Back around 1993 I sat downstairs while my roommate made out with my local closet case congressman. The same man who would vote yes on the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, thereby ensuring that I (and the roommate) would not have the same basic rights as a pair of heterosexuals who get married in Las Vegas on a whim. As a result of his vote, the Advocate gave him a call and said "Guess what, we know you are a closet case homosexual and we are going to let everyone else know." Rep. Kolbe was then forced out. Since that time he has voted consistently for expanding gay rights, including a recent effort to toss "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Another closet case queer here in town, a rich fellow who sells lots of cars, has a wife in one house and his boyfriend in another. He pretends to be straight and I guess the wifey goes along with the ruse because he is, after all, fucking rolling in money. He gives generously to the Republican party and can't say a nice thing about Democrats. I guess he doesn't have to worry about Social Security, hospital visitation, or other matters when he is sucking his boyfriend off, since he is, after all, fucking rolling in money.

Most gays that are outed are Republican politicians and their staff members. The head Repub, George Bush, has repeatedly called for an anti-gay marriage amendment to the United States Constitution. If you are gay and support this man, what's up with that?

Gay Republicans often say they are Republican for economic reasons or because they want less government regulations/intrusions or they are for better national security. Hmmmmm..... 1). The deficit is ENORMOUS, bigger than Ken Ryker's appendage. If it keeps growing we are going to feel like we got fucked by that thang 2). Republicans are hell bent on passing legislation to ensure homosexuals do not have many basic rights. Yes, that includes you Mr. Closet Case. Don't think that just because you have a few dollars in the bank that you are going to be off the hook. and 3). Does anyone seriously think we are safer from terrorists? Ask the people in London how safe they feel.

So out the fuckers. I don't care. It isn't very patriotic to support a group of people who would deprive your fellow Americans, your fellow taxpayers, of basic human rights. If you are a closet case politician, a staff member for a conservative Republican politican, or a closet case rich person who openly supports the far right, you deserved to be outed. Maybe then you can feel the fear that many of the rest of us feel.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Behind my house is my guesthouse- 600 square feet, built from slump block (oversized bricks). A big mesquite tree shades one side. You walk in the front door into the living room, a large room with an area for a dining room at its far end.

Living room, the wall is actually lavender.

Turn left at the far end of the room and you have the kitchen, with tan and green tile counters and a cute little gas stove.

The kitchen.

On the other side of the living room is a hallway with the bedroom off on the south side.


And at the end of the hallway, past a pair of closets, is the bathroom, with its pink and blue tilework.

I need to have the tub re-finished.

My contractor Doug K. has patched the walls and ceilings and put a new back door on. He's fixing the trim next and painting the bedroom ceiling with a special textured paint. My former front door will be stuck on the guest house and new back steps made. Finally the exterior is going to be patched and curtain rods installed inside. I'll be painting every square inch, including the concrete floors and the exterior trim (not sure about the exterior walls, perhaps I'll rent one of those sprayers). I hope whoever lives there next have happy memories of the place.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What's happening? Oh yes, another 107 degree day. I think the monsoon has officially started, with the third day of humidity above a certain level. It is trying to rain right now.

Painted two rooms in the guest house. I'm a sloppy painter, I've got splotches all over me, stuck to my chest hair and goatee even.

I'm going to visit my Mother and siblings in Michigan in September. Flying into Chicago, grabbing my friend Mike R., driving north to Traverse City, spending four days there. Then back to Chicago for a couple of days.

I decided I needed to lose five fricken pounds. So I'm upping my physical activity and watching what I eat. One bowl of cereal for breakfast. Fruit for snack. Salad for lunch. A small supper. Ohfreakinhell I get soooo hungry. I guess I'm used to snacking on high calorie things like crackers and cookies. It about drives me crazy. I hope it works though, otherwise I'll grab the vacuum and do some home lipo.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm working on the guest house. Tonight I went and bought four gallons of paint. Guess what I'll be doing over the next few days.

Archerr's podcast for today consists of a telephone conversation we had yesterday afternoon.

The rain has started- last night a little thunderstorm made my house super humid.

The rain.

And etc.

Monday, July 18, 2005

I pause in my housework. Robert sent me a lovely set of CDs and a cool t-shirt today, and the music is playing as I mop floors and consider changing the vacuum bag. I know, Homer's life is sensational. You wouldn't have said that this morning as I suffered from the first hangover I've had in three or four years. Sigh.

Patrick sent me the following picture of hisself, Brady, and I tubing from the previous weekend. You can also see what happens to one of those throwaway cameras after it gets dropped into a cooler filled with water (I wouldn't recommend trying that at home, especially with one of those whiz-bang digital camera thangs). My horrid bruise evoked many sordid comments at the pool party yesterday. I will not tell a lie, it was (I repeat) not a bite mark. I'm not into cannibals, thank you.

Patrick, Brady, and Homer.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I had too much to drink at the pool party at Richard's house. It is actually difficult to type this, although it has been several hours since I finished that last beer. Luckily Jeffrey S. drove home, otherwise the dog and I would be sharing a bed.

I was ball boy for one of the games.

I am such a light weight (cheap date?)
Two gin and tonics and a beer.

It was nice to hang out with Richard and Roger and Jeffrey S. It is nice to have good friends to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with.

The next morning. Hmmm, I really did have too much to drink. Either that or the gazpacho soup and tabouli I ate yesterday were particularly disagreeable. Anyways, I'm almost back to normal.

Friday, July 15, 2005

If one more person asks me why I don't have a boyfriend, I swear I will do something (exactly what is unclear, let me get back to you on that). I get THE question all the time, sometimes from people who read my blog, sometimes from people here in Tucson. Let's be clear, I'd love to have a nice boyfriend. In the past, I've been a very good boyfriend. In the future, I plan on having another. Presently, however, I am boyfriendless and, despite a great deal of effort, that doesn't appear likely to change tomorrow.

Why? Lots of reasons or excuses or whatthefuckevers.

- Tucson is a medium sized city with a small gay community.
- Many suitable guys in my desired age range (35-46) have boyfriends already.
- Many more within the desired age range have moved away.
- Many guys don't go out. The online thing doesn't work. I've looked into it. It doesn't work. I prefer to meet guys in person. That way you can sort out the liars and freaks more easily, especially at karoake on Sunday afternoons.

I am somewhat picky about guys I want to date. I am interested, mostly, in guys who meet the following criteria:

- have a job with a regular income or at least the skills/potential to do so.
- have a car that can get from point A to point B.
- speak English.
- have an interest or hobby. Watching television is neither.
- meets certain physical perimeters (like what? I know what I like when I see it).
- is not a racist, woman-hater, Republican, or greedy.
- does not lie or steal (see Republican note above).
- is not a crack whore. Well maybe a hot crack whore.... no, forget that.

If you feel the need to email me and ask me why I don't have a boyfriend, well, why not find one or two candidates for me. Here is a not-work-safe example of the kinda guy I am NOT interested: Example.

I know what I did last summer. Whine about the heat. Summers were different when I was a kid in northern Michigan. Much cooler, no school. Playing outside in the sand box or the woods. Going berry picking. Occasionally my mother would pack us up and take us to a lake to go swimming. Once in a while the whole family would cram into a car and go on a picnic to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. I remember the pimiento loaf sandwiches, orange pop, and potato chips. Those were luxuries, my mother had to make ends meet with only my father's truck driver salary.

When I was a teenager we were dairy farming and I hated summers. During haying season I was up at dawn and was in the hay mow stacking hay bales until 10 or 11 at night. Let's just say I hated baling hay- the scratchiness, the damn sea gulls that always pooped on your head out in the fields.

To escape from the farm I would spend a lot of time in the nearby woods, carrying my field guides on flowers, trees, birds, and mammal tracks. Every time I found something new I would dutifully mark the pages. I remember sitting next to the river behind the farm and watching the beaver at work, they would slap their tails on the water when they realized I was there and dive. Later you'd see them peeking out of the water to see if I was still watching. After getting covered in leeches I didn't swim in that river again.

What is your favorite summer memory?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The summer rains haven't started. It is really dry and the mountains to the south and east are burning. Huge plumes of smoke are visible in the morning when I drive to work. It is beasty hot- we have broken several records. Phoenix, 110 miles to the north, is worse- always about five degrees hotter.

The humidity is very low (about 10 percent) so it feels cool in my house with the swamp cooler on. But my skin is way dry and as I type this it itches and my heel is cracked. This is the torment I endure so that I can enjoy the relatively warm winters.

Blogger's photo function is screwed up again- imagine a pretty sky scape here...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It ought to hurt but it doesn't. I have a big old bruise on my behind, I must have gotten it while tubing down the river Saturday. I didn't even notice until yesterday morning.

It is about three inches in diameter.

Tonight I am at home trying to solve the mystery of the missing box. Where is it? Of course I need the files inside of it. My house, as you might have noticed from the recent tour, isn't that large. So now I am going back one more time to paw through the closet and yell at Joey who wants to help, but just gets in the way. I have the urge to scream or something, instead I think I'll just make some faces instead.

Later- oh that box was in the WRONG closet. But at least I found it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

El Tour de Homero, part 2. My house was built in 1927 and has a circular floorplan. The dining room used to be one bedroom, my study is the other bedroom with a bathroom (now used by the cats) in between.

The study, where all of the blogging magic takes place.

I recently painted the walls olive green over the lavender I had painted back in 1999. I'm still not happy with the color, but it will stay this way for a while I think.

Up on the wall of my study is a new picture that I received last week from Kyle. I really think he is a talented artist, especially since he is only in his early 20s.


My bedroom is in the addition on the back of the house, with a saltillo tile floor and french doors looking out into my unlandscaped backyard.

The bedroom.

My mother made the bedspread. My very expensive king sized bed has Puff tooth marks on one corner. Sigh. I painted the walls in a hurry when an appraiser was coming, to cover some water damage, and she praised the faux finish I had done.

The bathroom is painted mango orange. I have a plant in the shower that has been in the family since 1947. That's an awful long time.

A plate from Mexico.

When I get the guest house fixed up I'll post pictures of that and the backyard.

Monday, July 11, 2005

A tour of Homer's house, part 1. Robert wanted to see what my house looked like. So I cleaned a little (although you can see the dining room floor is dusty!) and cleared away things and took some photos.

Living room.

You step directly through my front door into the living room. No coming in the back way- I don't have a garage and I park my car in the same spot the cars have been parked since the house was built in 1927. The painting above the fireplace was done by David Smithson, my former neighbor [when I lived in the complex where Jim's boyfriend Chris later lived] who later married the Ex's sister.

Yard sale mosaic table.

Right before I bought the house I stopped at a garage sale and saw this table. I made an offer on it and the woman called me a month later to ask if I still wanted it. Of all my furniture, this is the piece I would carry out if the house was on fire.

Dining room.

The dining room walls are painted Ralph Lauren's "Ballroom Red" with gold paint sponged over it. At night it sparkles. The dining room set looks nice, except you can't see the horrible scratch marks from my cats sharp claws, left when they were playing when they were kittens.

China cabinet with family heirlooms.

In the corner is an Art Deco china cabinet, probably made in some furniture factory in Michigan in the 1930s. It is filled with family heirlooms dating from the 1820s up to the 1930s.


I restored my kitchen last summer (thanks Doug K.!) and if you go to my archives beginning on June 22,2004, you can follow the project. In the open cabinets above you can see some fun 1950s-1960s genie bottles. The red vase on the left side appeared in the April 1999 issue of Wallpaper, in an article styled by my friend Curtis. The blue Ball mason jars in the center, on each side of 'Martha,' were used by my grandmother and her mother to can fruit in back in Michigan.

Visibake stove, circa 1950-1955.

Just recently I had the stove restorer come back and fix my oven, which stopped working after I baked a cherry pie. It is too hot to use the oven now, but in the winter I do a lot of cooking. When I go to antique stores I look for funky plates to hang along the top of the wall. Somewhere I have a bunch of seed packets from the 1940s that I need to find and have mounted in a frame to hang on the wall.

Tomorrow, the rest of the house... By the way, the new photo function on Blogger sucks majorly! I had to re-do this a dozen times to get the pictures positioned even halfway decently.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I am a bit sunburned after floating down the Gila River on an innertube yesterday.

The Gila River.

Patrick had emailed me asking if I wanted to go. I'll admit to being a little nervous, I'm not the best swimmer and the spot where we got in the river was running a little fast. Once in, however, the fears evaporated.

Patrick and Homer.

I think drinking a few beers helped.

A pair of blue herons- tall, gangly and rather large- kept flying ahead of us. Jimbo will be jealous when I mention that there were numerous vermillion flycatchers, crows, several hawks, ducks, a hummingbird, and an identified yellow bird that Patrick says was not a finch. Also some little fishes.


I spent some time talking with Brady as we trailed along, lying on out stomachs. The rivers in Arizona don't run much, many are completely dry as humans have dammed them and diverted the water for pools, lawns, and farm fields. The Gila only runs when the dams release water for the farmers or because they are too full. It is too bad that some sort of compromise couldn't be worked out so the herons and fishes could have a river to live in year-round.

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