Sunday, August 31, 2008

My fellow Americans. I have chosen Joey to be my vice presidential running mate.

Joey for V.P.! She is merely chewing the grass, she did not inhale!

Joey is a stay-at-home cat with a compassionate air about her (she often gives Mama Cat a bath). She is a rarity, an orange female cat. In fact, she would be the very first Cat-American in a national office.

Yes, she has been known to pee on the couch about once a year. But this will definitely appeal to the incontinent cat constituentcy, as well as dry cleaners, furniture retailers, and cheap vodka manufacturers.

I urge you to vote for Joey in the upcoming election. Don't fall for Puff's cheap political ploys. Every meow from his lips is filled with lies and distortions, what would you expect from a cat that likes to be spanked?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Are you kidding? Let me see if I understand this. Sarah Palin, 44-years-old (as WeLikeSheep once said, "She's my age!") who has been the governor of Alaska for 21 months and the mayor of Wasilla for six years, is THE MOST QUALIFIED Republican John McCain could find to be Vice President?

Alaska has roughly 683,000 residents, about the same size as Tucson. Alaska has a bizarre economy that has little to do with reality, plus those lovely oil bonus checks every year. Wasilla apparently has somewhere between 5,500 and 8,500 residents and the city government has fewer than 100 employees.

John McCain turned 72-years-old today and has had skin cancer four times. If elected, he would be the oldest man elected to that office. It is an unpleasant thought to think about a president dying in office, but it has happened for eight of our 43 presidents (W. H. Harrison, Taylor, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, FDR, Kennedy).

Does anyone want Sarah Palin to suddenly become president?

I'm guessing that John McCain fucked himself handily.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well that was an awesome speech. I am so pleased with Barack Obama.

We are all Americans (at least those of us who are citizens). The most patriotic thing an American can do is to help his or her fellow Americans in times of need, in times of prosperity.

This is been my goal in life. I give money regularly to charity. I give talks and tours of archaeological sites to help people learn about our past. I volunteer with a local historical group and edit the newsletter for my hometown genealogical society. I have helped many people research their family histories. I know these latter things are probably pretty inconsequential. But I know my efforts have been appreciated.

Anyways, Barack Obama represents the future, I hope he wins the election.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mummy is 76 and has been having health problems since May. She kept quiet about it for a while, but starting in June it got bad enough that she finally admitted it to Susan and since then Elizabeth and Susan have been dragging her to the doctor for a series of tests. One more to go, and perhaps they have figured out the cause. In the meantime, she is starting to have secondary problems and just feels miserable.

It makes me miserable, and feel bad because I'm 2500 miles away and other than talking to her on the phone, I haven't been helpful. I may be able to go back to Michigan in November to see her, I just hope that by then whatever is wrong has been figured out.

Anyways, I doubt she'll be able to come spend time here in Arizona this year, which makes me very sad. I don't want my Mama to be sick.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My family was always lower middle class, I guess. My father worked as a long haul truck driver until 1975, when he quit and we operated a dairy farm. It was never very successful and there was never extra money for things like health insurance, visits to the dentist, clothes, and the like. I wore hand-me-downs and candy and pop were luxuries we would get every once in a while. My parents had a black-and-white television until the mid-1980s. We heated our house with a woodstove and so on.

I escaped to college with scholarships, financial aid, and some loans. At first I struggled because I had gone to poor quality schools from 4th grade on. In Michigan at that time schools were funded by local property taxes, and poorer areas had less money and usually voted down any tax increases. So I had a crappy education. It wasn't until my second semester sophomore year at U of Michigan that a teaching assistant sat me down and explained how I should be writing papers. After that I had an almost straight A average (got a B in Spanish 102 though).

Listening to Michele Obama talk about her childhood reminded me of my own, the struggles we went through. The main difference was that my father never encouraged us to succeed, he was psychologically stunted.

I guess what this post is about is the fact that I'd rather have a president who understands hard work, the importance of education, and the importance of helping your children succeed. One of the two candidates has those attributes. The other doesn't.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelle Obama is awesome. I somehow got sucked into watching PBS's coverage of the Democratic Convention. Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama reminded me why I vote for Democratic candidates.

19th century hottie.

I buy photographs from my hometown in Michigan to use in the hometown genealogy society newsletter I put together. This handsome man did not have a name on the back of his photo, but I still bought it. Maybe someday someone will recognize him (that actually happened with another photo).

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer is rapidly going away, but you wouldn't know it from how hot my house is at this very moment.

The pineapple-mango upsidedown cake was really good, apparently, since it was eaten up very, very quickly.

Ray and Cobban.

We played lots of pool volleyball and I was on the winning team a lot, and even played half alright, if that isn't too boastful. My long monkey arms came in useful, although the arrival of John, who has much longer arms than I do, was a threat.

Some of the players.

Richard is an excellent host and I am happy to call he and Roger my friends.

Now I am off to buy kitty litter. Will the excitement never end?!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Recommendations for new music I can put on my Ipod?

Cindy Hensley McCain. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Daddy's little princess. Spoiled rotten. Her daddy did a McCain (dumped first wife for another woman). The New York Times has an article discussing the Hensley family and the big money and the crap Cindy's half sister endured after their daddy croaked:

But in his will, Mr. Hensley left Mrs. Portalski just $10,000 and her offspring nothing. β€œIt’s so disappointing, just being pushed aside,” she said. Mrs. Portalski said Mrs. McCain added insult to that injury by referring to herself, in her eulogy for her father, as his only child β€” while her half-sister sat in a front pew.

Pathetic. Now I don't know Cindy, never met her (you think she drags her skinny butt down to Tucson?), but she seems like a very mean, determined chick. She has some redeeming qualities (helps sick children), but I dunno, the eulogy thing pretty much sums up everything about her.

Friday, August 22, 2008

So we watched Project Runway and I was relieved that TJ wasn't thrown off the show. I made macaroni and cheese and Patrick safely made salad. Brady was in charge of the television.

Macaroni & Cheese and Salad.

Today is Brady's 35th birthday. Happy Birthday! Last weekend J.P. walked up to Brady and Patrick in the Toronto Eagle and said hello. There are benefits of appearing on my blog.

Patrick, Kitty Cat, and Brady.

It was a very relaxing evening, watching silly television and listening to the guys sing "Yummy in my Tummy!" When will we grow up?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Post 1,666. Dental hygiene update! No cavities! Good gum health, but I need to probe more between by right maxillary molars. Overall, I'm doing great!

I celebrated by eating some cookies.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another volleyball pool party is coming up this weekend. What should I take?

A). yellow cake with chocolate frosting
B). chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
C). carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
D). pineapple-mango upsidedown cake

Please vote in the comments section!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Today is my co-worker Boltgirl's birthday. She's 41-teen. Wish her a happy bday on her blog, OR ELSE!!!

It is 8:18 AM on August 18, and it is a blue monday.


- twisted my ankle yesterday while doing yardwork, it really hurts
- office manager sends me an email telling me I've used up all my paid vacation time for the year
- Puff and Joey being very naughty and waking me up in the middle of the night wanting to be played with
- and et cetera

This may call for some strong medicine. Chocolate!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

DC Chris comments:

What Homer...No comments of Obama's about sucking up to the evanglical right and his stated opposition to gay marriage on CNN last night?That has to be at least as important as the Manhunt guy giving $2,300 to McCain!

Well "Chris," I don't watch CNN (I have basic cable!) and I while I knew Obama was speaking at some Xtian-fest, I hadn't bothered reading about it yet. Because I was doing yardwork and taking a nap and, I guess, irritating you.

Let's review the Manhunt/McCain stuff again. Regular readers, can I suggest you go to YouTube and watch the capsizing scene from the Poseiden Adventure. Can you catch the two minor continuity problems?

1). The co-founder of Manhunt gave $2300 to McCain's campaign and when questioned, stated that the word "liberal" was an insult. As a "liberal" I find some wealthy old "conservative" saying that liberal is an insult, insulting. Imagine that! I have an opinion!

2). John McCain doesn't give a shit about gay marriage, could fucking care less about it. I doubt he lies next to Cindy in bed and whispers softly to her"Oh my god, if the buttfuckers get married what will this, my second marriage, mean?" Despite his complete lack of concern about the issue, he decided in 2006 to film a commercial endorsing the anti-gay marriage amendment here in Arizona (which failed). This was a half-hearted attempt to make Born Agains think he was cool shit. Hehas since blabbed about how gays shouldn't adopt (because every child needs a father and a mother). This is mildly ironic since A). he divorced his first wifey and left those kids to be raised daddy-less and B). as a 60-something-year-old-who could-keel-over-at-any-moment, he and former drug addict Cindy adopted a child, who is just lucky her Grampa-Daddy is still wandering from one celebrity moment t0 another.

3). The only reason rich Republican fags can run their adult businesses is because Liberal Queers worked real hard and got arrested and carried signs starting in the 1950s, while the Republican fags hid in their homes having secret orgies or whatever they do in their underground lairs. I have personal experience with this issue, since a former closet case Republican congressman here in southern Arizona once came to my roommate's house to have sex with him, just a short time after he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act. My regard for rich Republican homos is pretty low, but perhaps I should give them the benefit of the doubt, of course that means I must forget about the rich Republican closet case car dealer here in Tucson who has a boyfriend in one house, wife in another, and contributes huge amounts of money to the Republican party.

4). Barack Obama has said he opposes gay marriage but is fine with civil unions. He has also said that gay marriage in California is a state matter and there should not be a federal marriage amendment. McCain has stated he opposes gay marriage, gay civil unions, that there should be a federal marriage amendment, and so on. While not perfect, Obama's position is clearly the preferable one of the two.

Anyways, I appreciate your annoying comments. Let me know when the Republican party is pro-gay and I will stop expressing my negative Republican opinions on my blog. Perhaps, Chris, you should start your own blog so I can leave annoying "liberal" comments on there too!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

John and I had Indian food and then went to see the X-Files movie at the $3.25 theatre.

Homer and John.

It was just alright, sort of an extended tv show.

Today was traffic school. The only good thing about it was the hot guys there, including the very, very sexy brunette who sat next to me who had the longest, prettiest eyelashes. Swoonage. Nearby was the very beefy, Nordic, bearded man who Jimbo would have swooned for. I learned nothing in the hour class except that it was a particularly boring way to spend $127.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So Jonathan Crutchley, the owner of the successful gay cruising website Manhunt, gave $2300 to the John McCain campaign and thinks that the word "liberal" is an insult. Meanwhile, his little company is raking in close to $30 million a year from the gay community.

Makes me want to vomit. Typical rich man who thinks he can buy his way to respectability. "If I give enough money to John McCain, he'll love me!"

Except the Republican Party hates homosexuals. A lot. There isn't much doubt about that. I'm pretty sure the Republican Party platform for the upcoming election will include "burning faggots at the stake" as one of their primary goals.

I wonder how long before McCain returns the money?

The whole online cruising thing is so over and boring anyways. Time to go out and see people in person and actually talk with them instead of typing, "Unlock?"

The problem with having a little vacation is that afterwards all I want is more vacation. I want to sit around and do nothing, sleep in, think outlandish thoughts, watch fancy cable television and the like.

And so I am sitting here wishing I didn't have to go to work, not that work is bad or boring, it is just I'd like to be lazy today. Big sigh and all that goes along with it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I had an excellent time in Palm Springs and hanging out with Sandy before he returns to Australia was fun and relaxing, just like a real vacation.

The ride back wasn't bad, I was ahead of schedule as I arrived in Tucson when I received two disturbing phone calls. The second one resulted in my driving to my credit union to have my ATM card cancelled. Somehow somebody got my card number and made two $500 dollar withdrawals between 11 PM last night and 2 AM this morning. Veronica at the credit union was remarkably blase about it- "Oh, you'll probably have the money back by this afternoon." The most likely scenario, someone took the number at one of two restaurants in Palm Springs, or perhaps they had done something at the gas station pump there. Who knows, I was glad the card company called me to ask if I was withdrawing that much money. I didn't even know you could.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Off to Palm Springs for the weekend. To visit Sandy and see what's up with that town. I'll report back later.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mama Cat meowed in the middle of the night, so I picked her up and carried her to bed where she snuggled against me all night long.

Puff and Forrest.

She is getting very sway-backed, and still wanders blindly about the house. She is pretty amazing, hasn't made any messes and knows exactly where the water bowl is.

Spring mix, walnut, tomato, and blueberry salad.

She likes to sit under my desk, perhaps because I pick her up and pet her and she rubs happily against me.

Pesto pizza with sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, sweet onion, fresh spinach, and a little bit of grated mozzarella.

Right now Joey and Mama are sitting at my feet, Joey's head on Mama's rump. They look very content.

In other news, Forrest came over, we ate dinner, I talked with my sister on the phone, and Forrest and I watched silly videos, some of which were definitely gay-related.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I've decided- I'm going to start saving money for a trip to Alaska. I'd like to see the wildlife and the glaciers and the flannel-shirted, bearded men. I'm going to convince Forrest to go with me because he likes the outdoors and hairy men too. I've even started reading a blog written by a very cute guy living up there.

I'll definitely go in the summer though, I don't look good waddling around in snowsuits. I had enough of that as a kid living in northern Michigan. I also don't want to get frostbite. That would suck and I really like all of my phalanges.

I'd like to see some caribou and Santa's castle and what the place looks like before President McCain drills the fuck out of it so the people with SUVs can drive to and from their megamansions paying $8.75 for a gallon instead of $8.79. I'd never seen a McMansion before, but I was horrified to see the Virginia countryside is littered with those fucked-up pieces of architectural shite. Why anyone needs a 6,000 sq ft house is unclear to me, even if you've popped out three of four kids- do you really need 16 bathrooms?

Wandering mind in a wandering head. That seems to be what I'm all about today.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The weather was perfect at Ken and Hiram's birthday pool party.


I made pesto pizza and it went over very well- every piece disappeared.

Jaime and Homer.

I met some new guys and spent some time chatting with Jaime.

Ken and Hiram.

I helped Panchesco with the birthday cake, which was very tasty. None of the pictures I took of Panchesco were flattering, so just close your eyes and imagine a very handsome man with a very handsome boyfriend. There, wasn't that easy?

The guys: Reymundo, Hiram, and Jaime.

At 7:30 I had to leave, just like Cinderella, to meet Ray for dinner. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon in August.

The weekend so far. I completed the twice-a-year fridge cleaning. When I removed the bottom drawers I found pools of jellied maraschino cherry sludge. It was horrible to clean up. My fridge is now safe for human food.


I also organized my pantry and went to Mexican Safeway and stocked up on the items I was missing. The store had nicely sent me a $10 off coupon, if the economy totally tanks, I'll have a few extra cans of beans to eat before I make Puff Souffle.

I went to the gym and did 40 minutes of aerobic exercise. I weighed myself- 211 pounds. Ouch. I am being very careful about what I eat and the plan is to continue with the aerobic stuff every other day. The goal- get below 200 pounds. There are some clothes I'd like to wear again.

Dinner and drinks with Doug. We had an excellent time talking about many intellectural topics (gossiping about other bloggers).

We had a couple of drinks at the Venture, and then drove up the top of Sentinel Peak to look at the view.


Eventually a policeman chased us off. It was a nice time.

Homer and Doug.

This morning I helped Forrest move a piano he got on Craig's List. No one was hurt. I'm going to a pool party this afternoon.

Friday, August 01, 2008

This is a test of the emergency blogger system. It is only a test. In case of a real-life blogging emergency I would suggest looking at BigMuscleBear to distract yourself.

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