Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We went for a walk on Holiday Day. Out in the Sonoran Desert.

Tucson Mountains to the east.

 I lost count of how many varieties of cactus there were.

Mean cholla.

 Evan thought we might find an archaeology site, but I told him that this area had few.


Later that day he drove north to see his family and I sat in front of my computer re-assembling the fragments of the Ransom family, looking at old census and marriage records. I typed so much that my shoulder aches. I discovered that Vesta lived to be 105.

Back to work for a few days before I head north to Flagstaff to spend the weekend. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The birds at Sweetwater Wetlands looked cold, the ducks huddling close together. At home most of my potted plants are inside.

American coot.

We had Holiday Supper (mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, baked beans) and Mama had butterscotch pudding. I suggested she open a present and she wanted to open them all. Mummy was very pleased with her gifts.

Evan was surprised that Santa remembered to bring him beer.

Of course I didn't put tags on everything, so there were a few mixed up presents.  

Mummy got four knitting books.

Afterward, we dressed up in our tophats and went to Richard's and Roger's Holiday Party. The butterscotch pudding was a success, Richard's mother Elvy went back for seconds.

Evan and bow tie.

I did not win the dollar game, which was a major set back financially. I would have enjoyed spending that $36 on things.

This morning I fried up the leftover mashed potatoes, made some caramel bananas, and some gluten-free pancakes. My mother was having very low blood sugar (staggering around drunk-like), so that was a good thing for her to eat.

It was a lovely Holiday.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Evan and I motored over to Patrick's casa.

Nothing says Xmas like Lust in the Dust. 

 We admired his festive Holiday Tree and Patrick received a suitable ornament.
Farmer Santa.

We drank some beers in front of the fireplace and then decided to play a game.

We played Risk (the old fashioned version).

My sweater still smells like Patrick's cigar.

Our host.

Evan had only played Risk once before. This did not prevent him from ultimately winning.

Kim Jong-Evan.

Horace was even friendly for a while, before retiring to his bed in front of the fireplace. He is slightly spoiled.


Of course, I am an expert at spoiling pets (as I type this Joey is sitting on my lap getting warm).

Thursday, December 22, 2011

19th Century Traverse City hotties. I purchase old photographs from my hometown on Ebay. Many do not have names on the back, but in two cases I was able to identify who the people were.

So today's poll, who is the best looking fellow? Vote in the Comments!

Man A.

Man B.

Man C.

Man D.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The week before Holiday is quiet at work. I am the only person in my room at work. Something walks past my window and I grab my camera for a quick picture.


I finished Holiday shopping and tonight I made cards for the people who have sent them to me and a few relatives.

Holiday cards 2011, will you get one?

 Mummy is watching Downtown Abbey, Season 1 (she really likes it). In contrast, I am watching the first season of Mission Impossible. For the most part, it is pretty awesome. Interesting to see what the role of women was supposed to be in the mid-1960s.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I dropped off extra tiles at the Habitat for Humanity store and saw a rocking chair. I took Mummy to see it and asked her if she thought it was nice to sit in. She has troubles getting off of the couch, and a chair with arms is better. So I went back and bought it.

Mummy knits in the rocking chair.

 The Holiday Tree doesn't smell very piney, I suppose that happens when they cut them down a month or so ago.

The ornaments look pretty.

 Yesterday we went on a walk at Sweetwater Wetlands.

I am scruffy.

 There are a bazillion ducks there right now.

Northern Shoveler.

 I even got a picture of Mummy without her looking like a deer-in-headlight.


In other news, a distant relative asked what information I have on the Ransom family. So I spent some time reviewing the text and adding new information that is now available online. One of my distant relatives was a palm-reader in Los Angeles in 1900. Another was killed by his stepfather, who hit him on the head with a hammer. A third was struck and killed by lightning, while a fourth was electrocuted while wiring a house. Most lived fairly unexciting lives.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I made vegetarian Shepard's Pie, salad, and banana cream pie for supper. Dan, Cathy, Donna, and Mummy attended supper.

Supper table.

 Afterward, we decorated the Holiday Tree. It was a lot of fun.

The Holiday Tree.

Mummy had a really nice time, we talked about cats (a lot).

Mummy, Donna, Cathy, and Dan. 

 I had a really nice time too, it was a lovely night.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

In the Spring of 2013 I may be helping teach an archaeology field school at a Spanish Mission site south of Tucson. So yesterday we went down to walk around the site. The mountains were coated with snow, so pretty.


While we were standing at the edge of the terrace, the Santa Cruz River decided to start flowing. We wondered whether we would be able to drive across it again (we were able to).

Santa Cruz River.

 We saw three pieces of Chinese porcelain on the ground surface. The porcelain was shipped by galleons from Canton, China to Manila, Philippines, then to Acapulco, Mexico, and then by freight wagon or mule pack trains to the northern settlements. It was a high status luxury good, helping to brighten the lives of the priests at the far away mission.
Blue on white porcelain.

 The Mexican food we had for lunch did not brighten my life. Instead I came home and threw up. I had recovered sufficiently to practice making macaroons, which I will take to the company cookie exchange tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crazy rainy days. For the last 24 hours it has been almost continuously raining.

Pretty rainbow.

I had to work outside yesterday morning and got soaked. There was even more water today, and the drive to work was at times stressful, since the water was over the tops of the curbs.

Splashing to work.

A lovely vermillion flycatcher has been hanging out on the fence outside my window. I enjoyed watching him (the boys are prettier, of course) flitting about looking for delicious flying insects to eat.

Vermillion flycatcher.

Another view.

I hope he sticks around for a while.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I waited patiently on Friday night for the train to pass by.

The trains in Flagstaff are very long.

There was snow on the ground and it looked colder than it was. In Flagstaff, people were wandering around shopping and I finished buying Mummy some presents. We drove by a photo mural by Chip Thomas. His ephemeral works of art are beautiful.


Evan drove most of the weekend, and today I convinced him that macaroni and cheese made with Velveeta was delicious.

The lady at the knitting store asked him about his wife, while I stood there. Sigh.

I had brought along my large wicker wreath and we went out in the woods to cut pieces of pine and juniper.

Evan procures.

There were elusive elk prints everywhere, and we saw a long-eared jackrabbit scamper away. At one point a pair of hawks flew high overhead, calling.


There was enough snow to make a snow angel (or perhaps, a snow demon in my case).

I am graceful.

I wonder what the hawk thought as it watched me flounder in the snow.


That afternoon we completed the wreath, using old large holiday bulbs to add a splash of color.

It is hanging above the fireplace now.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Brian Brown is the head of the National Organization for Marriage- a Catholic/Mormon front group that has channeled large amounts of money to the various anti-gay politicians and ballot measures. So of course the obvious Republican candidate for him to support would be Mitt Romney, who has been married to the same woman for 42 years.


Instead, he's a big supporter of that total slut Newt Gingrich, attending a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser. That's correct, Gingrich, the man whose cock accidentally ends up inside the vaginas of staff members while he is married to some other woman. Married three times, had an affair while he was leading the impeachment of Bill Clinton for having extra-marital sex.

I suppose the Amway family or the Catholic Bishops told him it was alright to support the man-slut instead of the long-time married man. Can't see the Mormon donors to NOM being very happy about this.

Monday, December 05, 2011

A whole weekend without the Internet. So that's what it was like to live in 1993 again. I read journal articles and books, played Age of Empire, dragged Mummy around to stores, cooked.

We went to Michael's and I bought craft kits to take to my local elementary school. I live in a very poor neighborhood and I know that many children would not have any presents on Holiday.

Crafty gifts.

When I brought in all of bags of kits, the woman behind the counter said to me, "Oh you are our Santa every year."

Friday, December 02, 2011


It's a rainy December morning and the flowers outside are happy.


Puff wanted to go outside, he's meows plaintively until I take him out. He is very curious, and doesn't pose well for pictures.

Homer and Puff.

All of the rain is making the wildflowers Evan and I planted in the front yard sprout like crazy. Around February or March I'll have some purple there as well.

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