Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visitors at work. Lately, a couple of times a week, I catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye and one of two bobcats is walking by. Sometimes I tap on the window and the cat will pause and look at me.

Today the limping female bobcat sauntered by, heading west. I know that if I hurry outside around the edge of the building, I will get to see it. I told Greg to follow and as we peered around, she was jumping up through a notch in the fence.


Close up.

A pair of abandoned Huskie dogs is wandering around as well. I have been able to feed them from my hands, but they are too shy to be petted. We are hoping to catch them so that they can go to a Huskie rescue group.

Hello human!

In other news, I am so ready...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It snowed two days in a row. It was Snowmageddon.

Puff was terrified.

A pair of Hyacinths unexpectedly bloomed, bringing Spring-time fierceness!


I drove to work, the mountains sticking out like a mass of pimples on Maggie Gallagher's left buttock.

Catalina Mountains.

Someone had arrived before me and made a sad little snowperson.


On Saturday I headed south to the Spanish missions of Tumacacori, Calabazas, and Guevavi.

The 1820 Church at Tumacacori.

I am helping teach the University of Arizona Spring Archaeology Field School. The next couple of months I will be imparting my skills into the sponge-like minds of students. I wonder what mysteries we will solve through our archaeological endeavors?

Soto grave.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It snowed today. Last night I received a blizzard warning on my phone. People drive like fucking idiots whenever it rains/sprinkles/snows here. It is just crazy. I had to buy a mouth guard because I have been grinding my teeth like crazy. Mother and work-related stress. It worked, but my teeth felt weird this morning after the first use. Buddy is sitting on the floor next to me. I need to buy him some heavy-duty chew toys because he wants to chew on other things.

Smile for the camera Buddy.

I've been doing some more family tree research. Discovered that I am related to President McKinley. I think that makes eight presidents that I share ancestors with including Obama, Ford, both Bushes, FDR, and Grant.

I have shared a lot of material that I have researched, posted on a 10-year-old website and also via email. It is amazing to come across on Ancestry documents that do not acknowledge who wrote it. I guess people don't understand the need to source documents, or at least note who authored it.

I'm co-teaching the Spring Field School at a Spanish Mission site. I wonder what exciting things we will find?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Occupations held by my mother's ancestors:

- telephone lineman
- township treasurer
- deputy sheriff
- farmer, barn builder
- grist mill operator, produce shop owner, and dairy farmer
- Grand Traverse County Sheriff and State Legislator
- and the rest were farmers

Lumbering in Grand Traverse County, circa 1880s. My ancestor Elijah Ransom is in the center holding an axe.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Forrest is here for a very short visit. I loaned him my navy blue blazer.

I have never seen him dressed up.

The cats were happy to see him and the first night they made a fuss, running around the house.


At the parking garage, a woman unexpectedly backed up and ran into my front bumper with her truck. She was very emotional, since the sole reason she was at the parking structure was to attend court where she hoped to get her license back. No insurance. My nice shiny car now has a scratched bumper and some trim that doesn't fit quite right.

Afterward, we visited with Tara. Then we went to lunch at BK's.


I had what I always get, two veggie tacos and a green chili caramello.

Veggie tacos.

We went to Star Pass for a hike.

You are Here.

It is starting to be spring time in Arizona.


The saguaros are plump with water and the wildflowers are starting to grow.


I am out of shape and got real sweaty.

Some day I will be a twink again.

Soon it was warm enough to go topless.


Later we went to Food City and bought foodstuffs and some beers. We watched episodes of Drag Race and laughed at the silliness. We visited with Chris, Tara, and Milo. And Forrest goes back east today. It was nice to visit with my best friend.

Monday, February 04, 2013

On the way north I followed this man for a while.

Fuck Obama? That's really gay.

On Saturday, we prepared food for Evan's birthday party. I made pimento cheese wraps and onion-sour cream dip.


I also made a cake- followed a Martha Stewart recipe and made a cream cheese-butter-Nutella frosting. 

It was very rich.

Evan and the guests played music.

On bass.

Then it the time to blow out the candles.


The party was lovely and I got to eat lots of potato chips. Evan also got some interesting books. Everyone should have a birthday once in a while.

At work today this coyote walked by.


I'm going to stay up late tonight to go to the airport to pick up a special guest.

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