Thursday, August 29, 2013

Leaving on the airplane.

Going off for a week to North Carolina to see Forrest and Travis. Wonder what kind of trouble I can get into?

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Something catches my eye outside my office window. I tap on the window and the coyote pauses to peek at me.


Later, another movement.


This afternoon a big gay rainbow appeared in the sky.


Inside my house, a wild cat appeared.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Keeping busy. In between work, cleaning my perpetually messy house (thanks cats), and genealogy research, I have been doing things to keep myself occupied.

Buddy comes in the house every night to hang out with me. The cats are safely locked up in the bedroom and he comes in and sits in front of the fan. Tonight as I type this he is busily chewing on his blue rubber chew toy.

Senor Buddy.

The cats get a lot of attention too. Lately I wake up every morning with my eyes swollen from allergies. It has been awful and I guess I need to start taking that darn allergy stuff.


On Friday Bob arrived from Washington, DC. His partner Mike played rugby with Jimbo and Bob and Jimbo have been to Ireland together. Bob does Classical Archaeology in his spare time. He was surprised at how hot and humid Tucson was.

We went to the Mission of San Xavier on Saturday morning.

Jesus and a lamb, I think.

Every time I go there I am amazed that a church like this could be completed in 1797 in faraway Tucson.

Bob stands in front of the altar.

The conservation and restoration work is ongoing, right now at the back of the church.

The front looks really nice.

Bob tried the fry bread and a friendly roadrunner hung around hoping for some bits. I don't think I have ever been this close to one.

The coyote's after you!

We went to the Mission Gardens and the Presidio Park afterward, with lunch at El Charro. I ate too much. The next morning I went to Sweetwater Wetlands and walked around, looking at the few birds and a cotton rat.

An American coot is hiding in this picture.

In the afternoon Bob wanted to go to the Pima County Air and Space Museum. It was still very hot.

Bob in front of a saguaro.

There are 300 or so planes on exhibit, as well as a lot of pictures and other plane-related artifacts.

This Polish plane has an interesting name.

We went on the one-hour-tour and saw all of the planes outside. The driver knew a little something about each one.


I was glad to show Bob a little of Tucson. Next time he and Mike will have to come when it isn't so blisteringly hot.

Yesterday was Tucson's 238th birthday and I attended the annual birthday party at the Presidio Park.

Flag team.

About 275 people attended, including the mayor and various politicians. The cannon was fired twice, setting off car alarms.

Presidio garrison.

I enjoyed a strawberry popsicle, which is something every Victorian gentleman should have had back in the 1890s.

Homer, Esq.

And in other news, I did not have my camera when the bobcat walked by my window yesterday, which was very unfortunate because following her was a baby bobcat. Which climbed a tree and was super cute. Hopefully I will see it again sometime in the next week or so, before I head off to North Carolina to see Forrest and Travis.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

People email me asking me if I am alright.


I made a strawberry-rhubarb pie.

I ate most of it.

Doug got one piece and liked it. He comes in everyday and gives Puff some love.

Puff's laser eyes.

I had supper with Doug and went up to Phoenix and played in Geoffrey's pool. 

Buddy is very licky.

We had a nice week and it was below 90 degrees, oh that was nice. Now it is back to being over 105 and my house is so hot. The humidity is high, but there hasn't been much rain.

Monsoon sunset.

There are reminder moments that I could do without. Sometimes things don't happen the way you expect them to. I guess that is what being human is all about.

And don't get me started on the fucking Olympics. If a country passed a law banning an ethnic minority, does anyone honestly think the Olympics would still be held there? But it is still okay to hate LGBT people. Of course, I didn't bother watching any of the last Olympics because it is such utter bullshit anyways.

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