Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I dropped a cupboard door on my 4th toe on my right foot this morning. I think it is broken. It moves weird. It does not hurt (yet).

My kitchen is still all torn up. It is crazy. It all has to be done tomorrow. It is crazy.

I carved a pumpkin. It is cross-eyed. I have pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven with Greek seasonings on them.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

I drove north to Phoenix to volunteer on a project the company is doing. 

Sunset west of Interstate 10.

This is the second phase at a site dating to around AD 700-900 or so, beneath streets in the old part of town. Amazing that so little disturbance has occurred there and dozens of archaeological features are present.

Beneath the street.

There are a lot of pit structures and soil mining pits, the latter excavated to get lime-rich dirt to make plaster for floors. The house below has an entrance pointing toward you, with large posts on either side. A wall groove extends around the perimeter of the house, where posts and possibly reed mats would have been placed. A circular hearth is in the center of the floor.

Pit structure.

Another house was more elaborate, with a stepped entrance, a strange area around the hearth (the rounded area next to the entrance, and a very thick plastered floor.

The entrance is to the right.

I worked in two soil mining pits (AKA borrow pits). I found lots of pretty decorated pot sherds and pieces of shell jewelry. 

This is a person's head and arm.

Flying birds.

This week I have been out monitoring electrical lines at the old fort.

Mini backhoe.

The workers are friendly and we laugh at silly things.

He digs good trenches.

The work at the fort is progressing nicely, soon roofs will be built over a couple of the ruins.

1873 kitchen.

I have been growing my beard out for a long time, but it started getting annoying.


Home improvement projects have commenced.

Two unused gas lines are being removed.

Under the house.

Puff and Joey got down in the crawl space when I wasn't looking and I had to go down and drag Puff out. He was super naughty.

Kitchen is being repainted the same colors.


Everything has to be done this week. It is crazy how much stuff I have to do.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

So the last couple of weeks have been mostly dull. I've been reading old Agatha Christie mysteries. Entering memorials on Findagrave. Made a mediocre pineapple upsidedown cake. Buddy comes in every night and hangs out. He quickly destroyed the new chew toy I bought him, but the old one is impossible to rip apart. He has taken to being naughty and overturning flower pots. Inside, the cats have stopped barfing hairballs.


At work I am finishing projects. Occasionally the bobcat or coyotes walk by the window. Recently a hawk swooped down for a visit.


Mummy arrives in a month for the winter. As usual, I am dreading the disruption in my life. But I will get over that.

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