Sunday, October 26, 2014

I cleaned out the closet in the dining room and among the boxes if my Black GI Joe doll. Mother saved the box and uniform.

My brother had the blonde one, which I also have.

Jeff was in town from Flagstaff and we went to a Greek restaurant and spent a couple of hours discussing the ups and downs of contract archaeology. It was nice to catch up. We have been friends since 2005.

Homer and Jeff.

I drove north to spend the weekend with my buddies. We had Ethiopian food Friday night and were somewhat horrified by the presence of a cockroach on the table.

Saturday morning we took Chopper to the dog park and he ran around excitedly for a while.



In the afternoon I demanded we go to an antique mall and I found a couple of photographs with names on them to research and return to descendants.


It is an enormous antique mall with mostly junk. I did see a painting I admired a lot, but I am not spending extra money if I can avoid it.


We left the antique mall and traveled to a Kroger's store and I bought nacho ingredients and I made nachos and salsa and guacamole. Craig chopped things. It was tasty. We later made plastic bead mosaics and watched Gilmore Girls and I yelled at the dumb characters.

That night I admired the dragon fruit blooming in the backyard. I had never seen one before.

Dragon fruit.

This morning I attended a double wedding ceremony. It was really informal and lovely and I had a really nice time. I was glad I had brought extra tissues since Drew and Adam needed them.

The couples.

It was on the roof of an apartment building with nice views and high enough fences so I did not freak out (I hate heights).

Robert and Ray.

Jeff and Chuck.

I told Adam to pose against the 1960s inspired wallpaper.

Adam matches.

Afterward we had lunch at a New Orleans-themed restaurant and I had a fried green tomato po' boy sandwich. The French fries were super crispy and good.

Jeff and Chuck's first drink as a married couple.

Such a nice weekend. I had a lovely time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Second day of the no-snacks diet. Starving. I allow myself one delicious cookie. I ate vegetables with tahini for supper. Starving. I will be skinny again and wear my cute shirts that I cannot wear. 

This morning I went over to basically complete my exhibit at the courthouse. One small artifact label and it will be done. It looks really good. The company didn't make any money on it, but the final product came out really well and the courthouse folks are pleased. Afterward I went to the county courthouse and looked up old deeds. Then came home and because I was starving, had lunch early. Then stopped and got my haircut and went on to work for a few hours.


I dressed up because I was attending a lecture at the Center for Creative Photography by Richard Renaldi. I have admired his work for years and it was great to hear him talk. He was very charming in person.

An image from Touching Strangers by Richard Renaldi.

At home, the neighbor dog is barking itself hoarse. I don't think the neighbor is feeding it much and it hears me pouring Buddy's food twice a day and stares at me through the fence, so I dropped a piece of plywood over the fence and pour dry food onto it. Mostly she barks meanly at me, but a few times she comes over and sniffs my hand. She is poorly socialized and according to the neighbor, vicious toward other dogs.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The sunset yesterday was beautiful.

I went to Tucson Pride and saw Jeffrey, Michael, his boyfriend Matt, David, and Nate. We chatted and discussed the previous day's Marriage Equality.

What else? I cleaned out a closet and organized it. I've been doing some reading, well re-reading. Malevil by Robert Merle and War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. I worked on a craft project this afternoon- making a wallet out of dog food and bird seed plastic bags. I need to have an instruction on how to use the sewing machine.

Tonight I have eggplant salted and the bitter liquid is draining out. I am also making a maple cake with maple frosting. Always bust.

Doctor Fred told me I had to lose 20 pounds, so I won't be 74-years-old. I forgot to ask for some super-strong antihistamine to stop the cat hair allergy problem I have been suffering from.

Swollen eye.

I was invited to attend my first friends' wedding, with Ray and Robert getting married next Sunday. I will probably be weepy, so I will make sure to bring a handkerchief.

Friday, October 17, 2014

I stopped by the Pima County Courthouse and watched three gay couples get married. It was a spur of the moment thing, I wished I had thought to bring some flowers to hand out to the couples.

There were four or five officiants standing around, offering to marry couples as they walked out of the courthouse.

Everyone was so happy. No protesters.

I recall standing nearby in 2008 after the marriage amendment passed. It was a Friday and the Courthouse marries people for free on Friday afternoon. And all the couples wandered by as we chanted and held signs. One couple apologized.

Congressman Ron Barber was there, greeting the new couples. I did not see any Republican politicians.

Later I called the loathsome Center for Arizona Policy and by chance Cathi Herrod answered the phone and I got to thank her personally for bringing marriage equality to Arizona. She hung up.

It was rather stunning to learn that Judge Sedwick had ruled for marriage equality in Arizona. I knew it was coming, but still. Having lived through the 2006 and 2008 votes, and the recent "religious liberty" crap, to suddenly know my friends who are couples are equal to straight couples, amazing.

All that money wasted by the Mormons and the Knights of Columbus. What a waste.

Vicious homophobe Cathi Herrod is "grieving." Good. She is the most vile person in Arizona, and I hope she cries herself to sleep tonight.

But I plan on celebrating. Now to find a husband!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What have I been up to?

 Last week I was out at the old fort watching as some little trenches being dug. The work there is almost finished.

Officer's Quarters 3.

In a low spot, some asters were blooming.


Another project I am doing is to supervise the re-packaging and analysis of a set of Civil War era artifacts excavated in the 1970s and 1980s in southern Arizona. There are about 70 boxes of artifacts and 10 boxes of records and photographs.

Cavalry soldier's cap ornament.

I traveled back in time last Friday and went to the Gay Men's Happy Hour with Steve and Doug.

1890s Homer.

On Saturday, I returned downtown to watch the Gay Pride Parade, running into young Nick. 

Waiting for the Parade.

Backing up a moment, I spent Saturday morning helping Patrick paint one of his rental apartments.

Mark and Homer.

After painting we went to Bumstead's, where the scent of bacon was over-powering.


During the week, I have been busy writing and submitting articles for a magazine and a journal. The magazine article was accepted.

Last night, Ted and Mark from Las Vegas stopped by for a visit and we went to La Indita for supper.


I showed them a little of the old part of downtown. 

Tonight I am sipping some cinnamon-flavored whiskey while doing some genealogy research. I've got some projects to finish soon, and I am forcing myself to behave and not start new projects.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Today the 9th Circuit Court ruled that anti-gay marriage amendments were unconstitutional. This means that marriage equality is coming to the 9th Circuit- Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, and Montana.

A quote from the ruling: "He also states, in conclusory fashion, that allowing same-sex marriage will lead opposite-sex couples to abuse alcohol and drugs, engage in extramarital affairs, take on demanding work schedules, and participate in time-consuming hobbies. We seriously doubt that allowing committed same-sex couples to settle down in legally recognized marriages will drive opposite-sex couples to sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll."

Yesterday the Supreme Court decided to let the Circuit Court ruling in three other cases stand, bringing same sex marriage to 11 other states. By the end of the year, at least 35 states will have marriage equality.

If you go through my blog you can see the despair I felt back in 2008 when the anti-gay marriage amendment passed. The Mormon Church and the Catholic Church pushed hard for passage, collecting money, putting on adverts on the radio, television, billboards, and in the newspaper suggesting that gays were coming after your children. Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson wrote an editorial claiming that gay people were "disordered." Local churches posted big signs.

And then there was Cathi Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy. This bitch has made it her life's work to promote discrimination and hatred towards LGBT people. Back when the City of Tucson was planning on offering joint library cards to gay and lesbian couples she attempted to stop that. Well the evil woman gets to see same sex marriage legalized in Arizona and there is nothing, absolutely nothing she can do about it. If/when I get married, she and Kicanas are going to get an invitation from me.

Oh, and I will be registering at Tractor Supply.

Monday, October 06, 2014

The bobcat walks by my window every afternoon at work.

I tap on the window and it stops to look at me, then keeps going.

Thursday night I stopped at the Farmer's Market and bought apples and Hatch chilies. I found a recipe for pie that included both and made everything from scratch.

Apple-Hatch Chili Pie.

I drove up to Phoenix to hang out with Craig and Jesse and we got in the vehicle and drove north to see the changing leaves in Flagstaff.

Chopper sat in the backseat with me.

The aspens are turning yellow and the temperature was perfect, in the low 70s and dropping. 


We had a nice time. 

Homer, Jesse, Craig, and Chopper.

We had supper at Burrito Fiesta. I had the veggie burrito enchilada style, which I always got back in the day. It was really good.

Mexican food.

First time back in Flagstaff since the Event happened. No bad feelings surfaced. I guess that time period is over and done with.

And then I get up this morning and the Supreme Court has legalized same sex marriage in 11 more states. WTF! Times are a changing!

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