Sunday, November 29, 2015

I've been busy. Spent a day out on an archaeology dig. I worked in a 1920s-1940s trash dump from a dairy, collecting samples of bottles. I had gone on a site tour the previous week and saw this polychrome pot on a pit structure floor.


I had a game night and invited Paul, Jon, Chuck, and Billy. We played Pit, Sorry, and Monopoly. I lost but didn't care because we were having a good time. I ate a lot of pizza.

Paul, Jon, Chuck, Billy, and Puff.

After work on Wednesday I drove north to Phoenix to spend the festive holiday with Craig and Jesse. They were busy playing the latest video game, whose name I cannot remember.

The next morning we went on a hike.

Jesse, Craig, and Taco.

It was over 3.5 miles. I had to run twice to keep up with them.

My cell phone camera blurs things.

When we got back, it was time to prepare a festive meal. I made orange-walnut-cranberry stuff. And mashed potatoes. Craig made vegetarian stuffing. We also had tofurky (never again), rolls, and a squash pie that I made. I showed Craig how easy it was to make ice cream in the Cuisinart ice cream maker I got myself for my birthday.


Afterward we made Holiday cards. I was able to think up a couple of new varieties- little scenes with houses and Holiday trees decorated with punched out dots.


Winter is here. When it gets below 40 Buddy goes and sleeps in the guest house with Doug. He is a happy dog.

Buddy and buddy.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

For two widely different reasons I was pissed off on Thursday, so I decided to put up Holiday decorations. There won't be much to celebrate this year, no one to buy presents for. No spare cash to do so.

White and red trees, red and white decorations.

Monday, November 09, 2015

So busy. It seems like I never sit still (although I do). 

Couple weekends ago we had a wedding reception at the park and I did an initial set up, the final set up, acted as host and busboy, and put away tables, chairs, and lights. It was a lovely event and now I know how to do it so it will take much less time in the future.

Then Seumas came to visit from Australia. I took him to see the park, the gardens, the Mission, and Mount Lemmon. Also Mexican food at La Indita. He had a good time.

Homer and Seumas on Mount Lemmon.

I set up my All Soul's Altar. It is a time for me to think about the people I have known who have left us. 


Craig and Jesse came down to help do things. I showed them how to make soap.

Jesse melting the soap and Craig getting ready to add rosemary and lemon.

This was in between rolling out cookie dough and baking them, and before we started decorating them.

I am rolling gingerbread.

Despite problems with the white icing, the cookies came out nice.


We went to Saguaro Park West and walked the Discovery Trail. Lots of different kinds of cacti.

Fat saguaro.

The El Nino event is bringing lots of rain. The wildflowers will be crazy in the spring.

Skinny saguaro.

I made stuffed grape leaves and a yellow cake with chocolate frosting Saturday morning. Sunday morning Craig helped me make hummous, spanikopita, and pico de gallo salsa. The one problem, I didn't have a lot of drinks on hand. Having a cocktail party with few drinks is problematic.

I showed Craig a video of the Day of the Dead makeup and he did most of the makeup application.

Makeup application.

He did a great job.

Makeup completed. So itchy.

I just managed to get dressed before guests arrived.

The end result.

For some reason, most of my pictures of the party did not turn out. I ended up applying makeup to five people (Helen, Chris, Matt, Julia, and Jeff), and I did an alright job. Having the correct makeup really helps, although the black face paint really wanted to run.

Jeff and Olivia came down from Flagstaff.

Surprisingly little mess after the party. 

I shaved off my beard for the makeup application, and I think I look goofy. The extra weight I am carrying makes my face and neck look puffy. The Doctor today told me I need to lose weight and restrict sugar and carb intake. I will starve, but if I get my regular chin line back, that would be a bonus.


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