Saturday, January 28, 2017

Well so far Trump has targeted women, Mexicans, immigrants, and Muslims. So I guess next week it will be the turn for LGBT people. He is going to nominate an anti-gay Supreme Court justice who will vote for the next 30 or 40 years against my civil rights.

I loathed George H. W. Bush. I disliked Ronald Reagan. I hate Donald Trump. To put it mildly. I don't like hate, it is a wasted emotion. But I do hate him. And the people who voted for him, I guess I pretty much hate them too. The interactions with them usually end up with them calling me names. For some reason Buttercup and Snowflake are popular. Trump supporters seem to fall into two categories (which often overlap): 1). the white supremacists who fear anyone who isn't white, straight, male, and Christian, and 2), the profoundly stupid who think everything Trump says is the truth. I guess there is a third category, those who genuinely want to see our government toppled. Good luck on that.

I probably already said this, but I gave $50 to the ACLU. I hope they sue the fuck out of the monster who is in charge of the country.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I wonder what it would be like to sleep well. Between lying awake pondering the hell that our nation will be going through and Puff constantly pawing at my face and walking across my head, I haven't had a sound sleep in forever.

Puff is getting just plain old. At 16 3/4 years he is super skinny. When I get home from work he follows me around, wants to sit on my lap. At night he wants to sleep with his head on my arm, reaching out to me with his paws. I tell him to stop patting at my face, but he doesn't understand. If I push his paws away, he cries. If I lock him up outside my bedroom, he sits at the door and cries even louder. Sigh.

Friday, January 20, 2017

It rained in Tucson today. I had to get up early to set up two tents at the Park. I came home and worked on a genealogical problem. Took Mother to India Oven for lunch, she enjoyed the food although the chick peas were too hot. Afterward we went way across town to Bookman's so she could find one of her Brother Cadfael books (I need to find the 21st one for her). Back home I took a nap, then worked on the genealogy problem some more. Poor Luella- six of her seven children died in childhood because she was a lousy religious fanatic who didn't believe in doctors. Then I made cheesy gluten-free biscuits and some vegetarian baked beans for supper. She is busy reading another mystery book.

I did not watch the Inauguration. I have tried to avoid the news. It is just tiresome. People noticed that the first things scrubbed from the Whitehouse website were the pages on climate change and LGBT civil rights. I'm guessing Pence had something to do with that.

Who knows what the next two or four years will bring. Wonder if archaeologists will have jobs. We are expendable- get in the way of developers and energy folks, also education and science stuff is going to be targeted, because lord knows we wouldn't want brainy people in Amerika.

My protest was to give $50 to the ACLU. We are going to need them.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Mother brought me this card that was filled out at the hospital after I was born (via C-section), I don't remember ever seeing it.

8:18 AM, I suppose they wheeled her into the operating room at about 8:00 AM. My mother and father had different blood types (father A+, mother A-) and mother's immune system was busy trying to kill me off, so I was taken out early to get a transfusion of delightful A+ blood.

Front of card.

My wee footprint is 3-inches-long. I wear a size 11 shoe nowadays, my feet have gotten longer and wider as I have grown older. Recently I gave to charity a pair of penny loafers I got in 1987, in great condition, that were impossibly tight.

Back of card.

Someone sent me a lovely bow tie from my Amazon wish list. Thank you, whoever it was (no name on the stuff inside). I appreciate the occasional present!

Friday, January 06, 2017

Mother's plane was two hours late arriving in Tucson at 10 PM. She said she was very tired but still managed to talk to me until midnight. She was very happy with her presents (knitting and quilting magazines, some gluten free candy, colored pencils shaped like twigs, an amarylis).

Today I worked from home, researching some people for a treatment plan. I then took mother to Rosa's for lunch. She enjoyed her green corn tamale and refried beans.


Afterward we stopped by work so she could say hello to Val. Then to the library for large print mystery stories.

All of this mother action tired me out (plus the random gunfire at 3 AM) so I took a nap.
For supper: mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, and carmelized onions. She was very pleased with that.

She is a little unsteady on her feet, but otherwise my 84.6-year-old mother is doing well and is quite happy to be visiting Arizona. It is supposed to be in the 70s the next few days, which will make her even happier.

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