Wednesday, March 29, 2017

28 Days Later, more or less.

Spring has arrived in Tucson. The friendly ground squirrels have come out, many lying splattered on the roads because they are both friendly and very dumb.

Ground Squirrel.

My lemon tree and my Meyer lemon tree put out lots of blossoms. I hope some turn into lemons.

Lemon blossom.

I started a survey project up in mid-northern Arizona. The first time we went up we got rained out. So we came back. Then we went back up again for a week.

Scary Homer early in the morning.

Lots of sites, too many. Lots of walking. Lots of cat claw and other assorted thorny things to rip open my arms and legs. I'm very allergic to plant scratches, they itch like crazy.

Back in Tucson, the peach tree that grew from pits discarded into my compost area also bloomed.

Peach blossoms.

Buddy wanders the yard. He is gradually losing some of his site due to cataracts. He doesn't recognize my car until I get out and call to him. He barks a lot more at random things. He sleeps every night in Doug's house, he still enjoys being spoiled rotten.


I have a new vest and matching canvas pants for Living History.

Homer 1898.

Back at the survey, lots of wildflowers are blooming.


Blue dick.

California poppy.

We are recording previously identified sites and locating new ones. One site had boulders with images pecked on them a long time ago.

Rock art.

It is a long drive before we can get out to work. Twice a grumpy bull has stood in the middle of the road not wanting to move. There is little or no shoulder and in some places the road drops off over a cliff. Very scary.

Behind me in this picture is a fun historic period site, probably Apache. I found a tiny donkey shoe, a bridle, a marmalade jar, and fragments of a white ceramic vessel shaped like an ear of corn.

I look pregnant.

We found a pair of dragons one day.

They liked the warmth of my hand.

We had to walk up a very scary road one day, and then back. Afterward we dabbled our feet in Fossil Creek. It felt nice and I was happy to see native fish swimming in the water.

Cool feet.

The next day was hellish with a very long hike down, stomping through lots of pokey things, and then a very long hike back.

Pokey Agave.

An enormous pipe that once carried water runs through the area. I like the manhole covers.


It rained on Wednesday night and we had to come back the next day, the road was impassable.

Rain clouds.

I have been taking care of odds and ends at work, started writing the survey report, worked on my friend Devin's genealogy (discovered we are distantly related through the marriage of distant relatives), and almost finished a genealogy book. And suffering from a nasty cold that I thought at first was allergies.

At work the coyote stops and peeks at me when I tap on the window.

Click on picture to enlarge.

I was requested to update my Amazon wish list, which I did. And a nice reader (Hello!) sent me a copy of one of my favorite books, which I had lent to somebody and it disappeared. Thank you very muchly.

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