Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A vermillion flycatcher perks outside my office window.

Vermillion flycatcher.

I spent the day researching the history of a National Forest, piecing together stray facts, trying to make them fit together to make a cohesive story. Hard to do with limited time, but I am making progress.

At home something runs out from beneath my stove. I may have a mouse in my house. Less likely, a lizard. I haven't seen any real evidence for it, no poop. But one night I heard rustling under the stove and now the out-of-the corner of my eye movement.

I'm working on a genealogy article, mostly done, then to submit. Always productive except when I am not.

I'll be glad when April is done. Too busy every weekend with stuff. 

As a side note, don't accidentally add an extra zero when paying your credit card, or perhaps screen shoot when you do pay so that when the credit card company adds the extra zero you have proof. At least my credit card balance is the lowest it has been in many years.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Happy 17th Birthday Puff!

He hates having his picture taken, won't look at the camera. Snowball of course is a big ham and is all, "Take my picture!"

Puff and Snowball.

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