Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The heat is hellish here, 115 yesterday, 111 predicted for today. Last year the same thing happened. The monsoon hasn't started yet, but the humidity is starting to creep up.

I have my fourth article in American Ancestors magazine. I have also completed two newspaper transcription books for the genealogy society back in Michigan. I'm busy working on the next one.

First page of my article.

I drove north to Phoenix last week to go to the State Archives and finish up some research. was successful. On Thursday night and Friday morning I made chocolate mayonnaise cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting, lemon cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting, and a hummingbird cake with a lemon glaze, then vanilla and chocolate ice creams for two co-workers who have retired. Strange to see people I have worked with for 18 and 20 years leaving the company. Then on Sunday I drove up to Flagstaff for the night before going to Fossil Creek the next morning to take the Forest Service archaeologist to some of the sites we recorded. So hot. 

Agave bloom.

I got back home and saw a juvenile hawk in the neighbor's yard. There is a huge pine tree in the yard across the street and young fledglings will jump out of the nest if it gets too hot. The poor thing was busy panting and so I went and caught it. I was watering my orange tree and basically forced the hawk to drink water, which it did. After posing for a picture (it was surprisingly docile), I put it back in the yard beneath the pine tree. Its parents are busy taking care of it again.

Juvenile hawk.

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