Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The bullshit. So tired of it. Former judge Roy Moore calling the five women liars who have related stories of him abusing them or asking them out on dates when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. And his supporters blabbering that these women are liars. A common statement is something like, "Why did these women wait 30 or 40 years to tell the public that Moore was a pervert?"

When my maternal grandmother was in her 80s she was riding in my mother's car and turned to her and told her that when she was a child her uncle Harrison had molested her. She asked my mother, "Did it make me a bad person?"

People who are molested often have complicated emotions about the experience of being molested. Seventy-some years after it happened, my grandmother felt guilt and shame for something a man 22 years older than her had done to her.

And you look at the reaction of these Moore supporters- calling these women liars. Why would anyone want to subject themselves to this? Those five women are so much braver than these mindless Moore followers.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

 We headed north a fourth time. The first day in Payson and the second in Strawberry. Three sites each.

 Tyler, Mike, and Connie.

We then headed back to Young. The day after Puff died we stopped at the Cherry Creek Store and there were these little dogs running around. I picked one up, and then the other two ran over. It was so soothing having these little bundles of energy crawling over me, licking my face.


Tromping through the woods, past juniper, pinon pine, agave, the dreaded cat claw, and bear grass. Fewer sites in the areas we examined. Scary cliffs in some places. Hills to climb up and gullies to cross.

Bear grass.

I had brought along two wreath frames and Connie, Tyler, and I made wreaths. Tyler was amazed at how crafty we were.

Pinon pine, two types of juniper, and manzanita. 

Connie's wreath was mostly juniper with its bright blue berries.

Working on the wreath.


Mine was a mixture of pinon and juniper.

I'm going to add some pine cones and large holiday light bulbs.

We were unable to complete the area, have to go back for a few more days surveying.

Tyler, Mike, and Connie looking off into the distance.

We had a lot of fun- one night we played cards and watched horrid 1950s videos on Youtube. We also worked very hard. My legs are rather muscular now. Too bad my belly is so big too.

Puff. 1 April 2000 to 8 November 2017. His body finally gave out. He had been getting skinnier and started having problems walking. I had to go north for work and Kevin called me to tell me on Tuesday that Puff was very sick. I arranged for Kevin to take him to the vet the next day, and alerted the vet office that if Puff could not be helped, that he could be put down.


In some ways it was easier, being away and not having to be there. I know that is awful, but Puff has been an important part of my life for over 17 years. I did a Google search and see that he was mentioned on my blog 263 times, about 10 percent of the entries.

I went today to the vet and paid the bill. I'm having him cremated, I did not want to bury him in the yard and risk Buddy digging him up.

So long Puff. I love you.

A few days before Halloween I arrived late at Richard's house to attend his and Roger's pumpkin carving party.

All of the Jack-O-Lanterns.

I quickly disemboweled my pumpkin.

Mine, front left.

On Halloween night I had only one trick-or-treater. One. I couldn't believe it. 

I began work on my Offrenda (altar) for All Soul's Procession. I watched a couple of videos on how to make tissue paper flowers. Over the next few days I made a variety of flowers.

Tissue paper flowers.

I went to Home Depot and looked for something to make an arch. A worker suggested PVC pipe, which is quite bendable. I made a U, tied the ends with two twine lines. I then attached a fake pine garland, and then attached the paper flowers.

Completed arch.

On Saturday, Kevin vacated his room for the the next day and I set up the offrenda.


Above it is a set of photographs of friends who have died.

Tony, Bob, Donny, Sam, Jose, and Scott.

On the table are old photographs.


On the side bookshelf was a large bouquet of roses. On the way to the Procession guests hand out flowers to people. 


On Saturday morning I made gingerbread and sugar cookies. Chris came over and helped me decorate them.


Menu for party: hummous and pita bread, chops and pico de gallo salsa, sour cream and carmelized onion dip and potato chips, olives, spinokopita, and a lemon cake. (note for next year, skip the sour cream dip). The lemon cake was really, really good.


Anthony came down the night before and helped me set up for the party. He then helped me apply the sugar skull makeup.

Anthony helping out.

I spent most of the party doing other peoples' makeup.

Painting Elliot's face.

Richard and Hiram arrived, always nice to see them. The following photos were taken by Richard.

David and Anthony.

Mark and Fred.


We walked to the procession. The women getting the flowers were so happy. Eventually the Procession arrived and as always I was moved by the creativity and the remembrances by those friends and family members who have died.


And then I came home and quickly cleaned up since I had to head north for work again. Luckily, it wasn't too difficult. It was a very nice party.

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