Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I don't know who this man is, but I like his clothes and think he was a handsome fellow.

1890s hipster.

I was at an antique store in Safford and purchased a pile of photos that had names on their backs. I have started researching them and will be posting them to Findagrave, so relatives can see what their ancestors looked like.

Doing things like this make me feel a little better in a time when it is hard to be positive. 

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Well I decided to send away for the 23andme DNA test kit. I have previously done the Ancestry DNA kit and I was curious to see how the two compared. For the 23andme you spit into a test tube and put it in the mail. It took maybe a month for the results to show up on my email.

First the Ancestry DNA results:

Ancestry results.

I am very European. The family story that we had a Native American ancestor on the Clawson side was not true.

Similar, although not identical results from 23andme.


23andme did not detect the Jewish, Greek/Italian, or Caucasus genes picked up by Ancestry.

Both companies provide a list of likely relatives. Ancestry lets you look at family trees, if the person has posted one. 23andme allows a list of surnames (searchable) to be examined.

I looked through them and saw Ransom, Chandler, Rollenhagen, Faunce, Coburn, and Oberholtzer. These are names from my my father's father, and both my maternal grandparents sides of the family. 

Interesting that none of the surnames or relatives from my paternal grandmother's side have shown up. Perhaps relatives on this side haven't taken either DNA test. It does make me wonder as to whether Grandma T was adopted. She was born nine years after her parents married. She used to claim one man was a relative, who wasn't, and denied that another man was her relative, when he was. Would be curious to figure out whether this was the case or not.

The end of 2017 happened. I picked lemons off my two trees and then some from Addison's tree and the Presidio tree. I made lemon curd and caramelized onions to give away.

Lemons from my tree.

On Saturday before Holiday Eve I went out to the Venture with Patrick and had several gin and tonics. I ended up sleeping on his couch.

Homer and Patrick.

Holiday morning Kevin, Doug, and I exchanged presents. Buddy is sleeping on the couch when it gets below 45 and he had the most fun that morning tearing up the wrapping paper.


New Year's Eve I went down to Ray and Robert's. Ray made an enchilada lasagna and I had more gin and tonics. We played Scrabble. Jordan showed up and we sat around and talked. This is how my camera posts photos on Facebook. I thought it was Poseiden Adventure appropriate.

Ray, Robert, and Jordan.

We had champagne and I had a little hangover the next morning. Back in Tucson I attended John and John's party, nice food and met a new arrival in Tucson, a pilot. It was a nice get together.

So 2017 is done and I have to say good riddance. This ongoing SNL sketch at the national level is tiresome. 2018 better be better.

End of the year portrait.

I've decided I need to make some new friends and to focus on those friends who actually do friend-like things, like ask me to dinner or to a movie or to just hang out. I'm letting go a few people who do not meet those criteria.

Real friends Mark and Kevin.

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