Sunday, May 27, 2018

Carolyn Mary (Feiger) Thiel.

8 May 1932-27 May 2018


Sunday, May 20, 2018

A six day dig became a seven week dig. Sometimes that happens when you find certain things that have to be taken care of before construction can take place.

They are building the new Caterpillar headquarters near my house and the dig was below the new road. Nearby they are busy removing a 1950s landfill and hauling the disgusting smelling junk away. It is over 30-feet-deep in places. The trucks come by, get filled, and go to the modern landfill.


Spring time is rapidly morphing into summer. The cacti have mostly bloomed.

Backyard cactus.

I went to Phoenix to present a paper at a history convention. Spent the night hanging out with Christopher, and unfortunately the only photo I took is blurry. The paper went well and later that day I went down and saw the Pompeii exhibit at the Science Center. It was alright, albeit a little hokey in one place where they simulated the eruption.

Fountain boar.

Back at the dig we uncovered several pit structures. The projectile points we are finding date to the Early Cienega phase, 800 to 400 B.C. 

Jenny watched Greg uncover the floor.

We finally finished last Thursday. The next night I went to the G3 Happy House and visited with friends.

Addison, Michael, and Homer.

Yesterday was the San Isidro Festival and I attended and manned a booth. Everything is growing well.


I saw the new Chinese and Mexican gardens. At the chicken coop I ran into a couple of archaeologists and their baby. It was nice to catch up.
Adam, Lauren, and little Lucy.

The horses were stomping on the Sonoran wheat again. I liked seeing the colt, who was more interested in nursing.


And last night I helped out at Retro Game Show with Mark. Tempest was in Australia on tour, so Chatty Kathee hosted and people had a great time. Afterward I had pizza.

Mark and Homer.

Flowers (zinnias and hollyhocks) that I planted from seed are growing. I also planted a couple of sprouted onions and they are blooming. 


Little Snowball still thinks he should cuddle with me, even though it is getting hotter.


Other stuff- car AC still out, spending a lot of money fixing swamp coolers and haven't got the main one working yet (need new spider, float). Starting to think about some trips. Mother turned 86 and loved the three knitting books I sent her. And so on.

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