Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I helped make the Veteran's Offrenda (altar) at the Presidio Museum. I spent a lot of time making paper flowers and then attached them to an arch, attached the arch to the platform covered with blue fabric. I put photos of Aunt Bessie, Great Great Grandpa Elijah, and Great Great Grandpa Daniel.

Veteran's Altar.

That night I worked the front entrance of Retro Game Show.

Tempest DuJour getting ready.

I got to go into the Hotel Congress's basement to get chairs. Then made labels for the people who had purchased tickets. 

I dressed up as a redneck but people thought I was a Mario Brother. I guess I can see that.

Redneck Homer, or Mario Brother Homer.

Leather Mark.

Scout Matt.

My friend Addison came along with his mother and sister Elizabeth. Unexpectedly, he got called up on stage.

Addison, Noe, Tempest, Elena, Buddy, and Kiko.

Addison ended up winning the Dance-off.

Sunday I got up early to work a marathon event, representing the Presidio. I was amazed at home many people were doing the various races. I laughed when a father was yelling at his kid, "Run faster, run faster!!!"

At home I am busy getting ready for my All Soul's Procession cocktail party.

Friday, October 19, 2018

A month goes by quickly.

It is the busy season. We held a fundraiser for the museum and raised $5,000. I bought tickets for the dinner and contributed items to the silent auction.

Matt, Mark, Jeffrey, Addison, Cathy, and Dan.

I had the vegetarian dinner, but I suspect there was lard in the tamales because I started to feel sick while driving home and soon afterwards threw up. But we raised $5,000, so that was great.

Matt and Homer. The bolo tie was made by my step-grandfather in the late 1960s.

I am assembling my altar for my All Souls Procession cocktail party. I taught Robert how to make the flowers and he helped out.

Robert and his flowers.

I also showed him how to make refrigerator magnets. I will be doing both craft activities for an event next weekend.


Gave a talk for AAHS. Giving another later this month on legal executions in Pima County. Went to the State Archives to do research and found a lot of useful data.

Little Miss Ruby is all grown up. She is getting better with going bathroom outside, other than some very occasional accidents. Also less chewing of things.


Today I got to visit with Christos, who was in town for a trunk show. He was the boyfriend of my roommate Les back in 1985-1986. I haven't seen him since the summer of 1986. Time goes by. It was really fun to see him and catch up.

Christos and Homer.

He said I hadn't changed, but I really have. I look older, balder, and fatter. I used to be so super skinny and I had a lot of very fine brown hair on my head. But that's what happens.

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