Saturday, June 22, 2019

What have I been up to? I have been out working on a dig, excavating Early Ceramic and Hohokam pit houses. We aren't allowed to post photos of current projects (worries about looters showing up). It has been very hot. No fun to work when it is 105 degrees. So I was getting up at 4 AM. Ruby usually needs three walks outside in the morning. One to sniff things, one to go pee, and one to go poop. Except for those times when she doesn't want to go and holds it for one or two days. So strange. She has decided that Rocky, who lives across the street, is her boyfriend. We have to go across to see him if he is outside. They kiss through the fence. Ruby is getting her parts altered on July 5th (don't tell her!).

Ruby and Rocky.

This plate stood on the plate rail above Grandma F's dining room window ever since I could remember. We were told it was the Empress Eugenie. It is unmarked, porcelain, decal printed with hand painted flowers,


Turns out the woman is actually Madame Juliette Recamier (1777-1849), a well-known French socialite.

Always good to have a mystery solved.

Every day after the dig I lie in front of the AC window unit in the living room, on the uncomfortable fold-out bed. Ruby and Snowball come and join me.

Ruby is a goof.

Matt and I went to an estate sale this morning. I had seen that there were a number of really nice paintings, but I did not get up early to get an early number. Anyways, there were over 60 people ahead of us to go in and one guy grabbed most of the paintings.

There were a few left on the wall, and I decided to take them, since at 20 dollars each, they were very affordable.


The artist appears to be someone named Robert Madison. I could not find anything about him.

Still life.

I do not have much more room left on my walls!

And tomorrow, off to Michigan for five days.

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