Monday, July 29, 2019

It is still July and I'm wishing the summer was over. So tired of the heat.

Ruby had to wear the cone of shame for a couple of weeks. One aspect of that is that the cone was big enough so that she could not get through the front fence. She got to run around and have fun and not be on a leash. So I went to Lowes and got some fencing and ran it across the front and side fence


A woman alerted me that she had a photo of my great great great grandmother Chloe (Streeter) Ransom (1813-1904). The few stories that were passed down was that she was a mean bitch. The photo seems to agree with this.


I harvested my nectarines and peaches. They were a little under-ripe, so I sliced them up and put them in a pot with a little water and sugar. Tasted like apricots when I got done. I used some of that to make a filling for a cake that I brought to pool volleyball.


I purchased a small photo album on Ebay that had 15 tintypes and photos of a family that my Fillmore ancestors were neighbors with back in New York and in Michigan.

Civil War vet!

I worked Retro Game Show with Matt, Mark, and Nancy. It was a fun time.

Chatty Cathy!

I've been sleeping on the couch in the living room in front of the AC unit. Ruby enjoys the cool breeze. She also enjoys chewing on the couch and has taken to crawling under the sheet on the regular bed and chew on the mattress. SIGH. I need to replace both.


I went to a photo exhibit with Matt and on the way there saw this exotic insect, which entomologist Doug identified as a Mesquite Bug Nymph. It is very pretty.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

It is summer in Tucson, today it was something like 107 degrees.

I escaped the heat for six days, flew to Traverse City to see the siblings and attend the 40th anniversary meeting of the genealogy society.

So green. And rainy. A pleasant change. The wild irises were blooming down at Susan's little pond.

Wild iris.

We stopped to remove a snapping turtle from the road near her house. It was not happy and I had to coax it off with my shoe. It really wanted to bite me.


I slept in the Jenny Lind bed that had belonged to Ebenezer and Harriet (Bessey) Fillmore. They died in the early 1890s.

Fillmore bed.

We went down to my Amish brother's farm and I got to collect eggs one afternoon. They came in various colors.


His oxen GMO was very friendly. He likes head scratches.


I went to the family cemetery. My parents' ashes are buried next to Grandpa and Grandma F. There are now four generations of my family there. I cried some. It just seemed weird.


Afterward I stopped by the Almira Historical Society. They have a picture of my great great grandfather on the wall. He was the first postmaster.

Elijah Leland Ransom.

In between these events I was at the area and college libraries reading through newspapers, finding stories about the World War II soldiers from the region who died during the war.

One day as I headed to the library, I stopped to remove another turtle from the road. As I lifted it up an immense stream of urine shot out, all over my leg.


My brother has two sets of kittens in the barn. The older ones are very wild. The younger ones are too young to know better. Susan and I got milk for them to fill their little tummies.

Calico and Joey.

If I didn't have Ruby here I would have brought them back. They were so cute and their mother didn't seem particularly interested in them.

I washed Joey's dirty face.

They were so sweet and little Joey would purr when I petted her.


Susan and I went through the woods to see the site of Elijah Ransom's millsite, where he had a grist mill in 1866 through 1892. There are two dams, both busted through with Ransom Creek running past. In the creek bed in one area you could still see timbers from the mill.

Dam remnants.

My brother has the barn that Grandpa and Uncle Ray made for us for Christmas in 1970. It survived the fire that he had at the house a few years ago.


I had to say goodbye to the kittens.


I got back to Arizona on Friday. On Sunday I drove to New Mexico to teach historical archaeology to the field school students. Ruby came with me.


The students enjoyed the lesson, which involved fitting broken dishes together and figuring out which household a bag of artifacts came from.

Allen and the students made this room.

I discovered my air mattress has a hole in it. Very uncomfortable sleeping on the ground.


I bought peaches and Matt bought a huge bunch of produce, including mangoes, and I made chutney. It came out good.

Peach-mango chutney.

And last Friday Ruby got her genitals altered, so no more messy periods! She has another week of the cone of shame.

Sexless Ruby.

Well that's the way it is, just like Walter used to say.

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