Thursday, October 24, 2019

I've been working on a dig for the last few months. Today was the last day. I have been getting up very early (4:00 or 4:30 AM). We were starting at 6, but then had to move to 6:30 because it was too dark. Found some very interesting things. It amazes me that after doing archaeology for 33 years, you can still be surprised uncovering something that no one else has seen for a few thousand years.

Early morning.

There was a very friendly road runner that would come up and watch us work.


First living history of the season. It was the same day as Meet Yourself and so we didn't have as many people as we would have liked.


Birdy and I walked over to a flea market at the Mercado and I ended up buying two small paintings and a old wedding photograph for $43.

Painting number 1.

Painting no. 2.

Wedding photograph.

Matt and I went to see Jacob Tobia, the author of Sissy: A Coming of Gender Story. He was a very engaging speaker. I need to buy his book.


Afterward we went and had Vietnamese food.


My food was in a nest of friend noodles. It was quite good.


Last Saturday we did set up and ushered for Retro Game Show. Matt got us Cub Scout shirts, scarves, and sashes. We looked cute.

Cub Scouts Matt and Homer.

Troop Leader Mark.

I'm getting things ready for my All Souls Procession Cocktail Party. The next three days I am giving tours, teaching people how to make paper flowers, and giving two talks.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

An update.

Back in 2016 I posted about this painting, which I purchased back in the mid-1990s for $5. At that time I thought the artist was Am. Lyney.

Today, Olivier contacted me to let me know the artist is actually Amédée Lynen.  He was a painter from Belgium, born in 1852 and lived until 1938. He painted, created artwork for books and posters. An image search on Google reveals he was pretty versatile, doing landscapes and scenes with people.

Dune scene by Amedee Lynen.

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