Saturday, November 30, 2019

Out of the corner of my eye I spot a coyote walking through the large puddle outside my office window. It has been very rainy here, with the hole in my bedroom ceiling drip-drip-dripping.


Fall has rapidly become winter. My citrus trees are getting ready to harvest. The Meyer lemon has about 50 lemons. I'll have to make lemon curd soon.

Meyer lemon.

Decorations ensue. Birdy and I made felt ball garlands to hang from the picture rail. I set up the flocked tree and put my antique and reproduction antique ornaments on it.



Birdy decorated the silver tree with birds and other ornaments.

Birdy decorating.

I made mashed potatoes-parsnips and cranberry dressing while Matt made stuffing, yams, and that green bean-mushroom stuff. I ate too much.


Matt wanted to walk off calories by going to the top of Tumamoc Hill. I struggled up. He said I looked miserable. Accurate. I am out of shape. At least there were some pretty deer on the way down.


At home Buddy cat had an eye infection but has recovered nicely. He likes the antique blue chair by the door.


I hot-glued ornaments onto the wreath frame.


It rained a lot on Friday. I could not monitor a trench. The roof leaked again. In the backyard one of the huge cacti felt down. What a mess.


I've been paying attention to the impeachment hearings. You can't believe how much I hate Republicans right now. I wish the Rapture would happen and just take them all away. ALL OF THEM. I had to unfriend someone on Facebook who apparently planned to vote for him again.

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

My kitchen walls are covered with transfer-printed plates, some dating back to the 1820s. I finished hanging them right before my All Souls Procession Cocktail Party.


I set up my altar Sunday morning. Matt bought me some marigolds and I got flowers from Trader Joe's. On the altar I placed photos of my deceased pets.



I made sugar cookie and gingerbread cookie dough. On Sunday morning Robert and Birdy helped me decorate them.



The guests began to arrive and Jeffrey helped me do my sugar skull makeup. I then helped other people.


Caleb and Andy.

Homer and Matt.

At 5:30 everyone assembled outside. Each person took some flowers to hand out on the way.


I had a nice time, hanging with friends and watching the procession.

Matt, Hoffman, David, Paul, Caleb, Robert, and Birdy.

The thousands of people strolled by, many carrying signs or small altars.


It was a lovely event.

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