Thursday, December 26, 2019

A busy day. Two weekends ago I drove up to Gilbert and met Matt and we had tintypes made by David Emmit Adams.

Matt waiting.

I wore the same sweater I wore in 1981 for my high school photo. I tried to recreate the pose as close as possible.

Homer, 1981

Homer, 2019.

You wouldn't think we were the same person, perhaps partially because the new tintype is in black and white.

It has started to get cook and Ruby had to wear her hoodie. She has finally stopped chewing on everything and I was able to take the slip covers off the chair and couch. I need to get some walnut colored stuff to color the wood putty on the two places she chewed on.


Trump has been impeached. I feel somewhat calmer, although I know the Senate will not throw him out. I wonder what future historians will say about this time. I remember before the 2016 election opinion columnists stating that the Republican party was now a white nationalist party, and thinking that was stupid. Well they were right. 

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Holiday preparations continue. I have a boozy fruitcake in the fridge. I have been making tincan luminarias. I have finished decorating the house.

Even Ruby is decorated.

I still have a few gifts left to get. I stopped by an Indian grocery store and purchased lovely things to eat. Last night I made Matt supper with them, and then made him read a Father Christmas book that belonged to Mother.

Snowball, Buddy Cat, Matt, and Ruby.

I finished the garland that hangs all around the living room. It is very festive and apparently garlands are "in" this year. I like craft activities.

Garlands, stockings, and trees.

In the study I made my version of a Nativity Scene, complete with a dinosaur I got at Dinosaur National Monument back on my mid-life crisis roadtrip in 2017.

Nativity, 65 million BC.

I was going to make watermelon rind pickles today, but when I cut the watermelon open I discovered the rind was too thin. So I ate some of the watermelon, although I confess it really isn't a favorite of mine.

Today Matt and I will watch the 9th episode of Watchman. And perhaps an episode of The Crown. I feel sorry for the old-school TV stations that have such dreary shows.

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