Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I could never understand why people hate dandelions so much. They sell gross herbicides that fanatical lawn enthusiasts spray on the reportedly offensive flowers, thereby introducing disgusting and dangerous chemicals into the soil, killing off lots of other things besides the cute dandelions.


When I was in kindergarten Mrs. Harrison had throat surgery and we had a substitute teacher for a while. Things I remember about kindergarten:

- On my birthday Mommy made me cupcakes (almost certainly from a box mix) and put little plastic animals on them. Mine had a llama and because Pam wasn't there I got to eat her's too, which had a tiger on it. Wish I still had those little plastic animals. I can see them in my mind.

- Hearing Roger's arm crack when he fell down on ice and broke it. Even then I thought Roger was cute.

- Making a thread spool rack for Mommy's Christmas present. We painted a piece of wood (I think mine was light blue) and Mr. Harrison came in with another piece of wood with holes drilled in it and we put nails in each hole and hammered them down. When we removed the piece of wood, there were two lines of nails to hold the spools in place.

- Being sent out to collect snow which we melted and then saw how dirty it was. This was back in 1970 when air pollution was a problem.

- Going outside and clapping the chalkboard erasers was so much fun.

- The time a spring tornado was sighted and we had to push our desks against one wall and crawl underneath. George was rather fat and had a hard time crawling under. The wind blew the porch off the music trailer. It was very exciting.

-We got a little carton of milk and a cookie each day (Kindergarten was only half day). And Mrs. Harrison had us say a prayer every day.

- There were too many boys named John so I was asked to go by my middle name.It stuck.

Anyways, that substitute teacher. One day she was out of ideas for things to do so she asked us if we knew any songs. So I sang a song I had made up, "Dandelions are so prettily." She was not impressed and told me that prettily wasn't a real word. I felt bad afterward. Years later I learned that it actually was a real word.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I haven't decided who to vote for in the Democratic primary here in Arizona next month. However, I do know the one candidate I will not vote for in the primary- Bernie Sanders? Why? Because his followers include many horrible people.

Someone on Facebook posted something denigrating one of the other candidates. I suggested that maybe it would be a better thing not to do so- that we should focus on defeating Trump. Then the nastiness started. I discovered that I was "privileged." That I needed psychological counseling. That I was suffering from "masculine fragility" and that person provided a purportedly helpful video link that was supposed to educate me on that issue. I eventually deleted the comment and unfriended the person who left the original post. His friends were really nasty.

Then someone else described Pete Butigieg as being immoral and a psychopath, linking to an article in some magazine (Current Affairs? I can't remember). I looked up what other articles the author had published. Surprise, he is a Sanders supporter. The other articles denigrate the other Democratic candidates- apparently Elizabeth Warren isn't progressive enough or maybe she can't win because she is a woman, I confess to not reading it. Only Saint Sanders can win. When I pointed out that the author was a Sanders supporter, that Facebook friend was nasty. So I unfriended him. Also unfriended the person who wanted a Sanders-Gabbard ticket and was full-on nasty about everyone else.

I really don't understand the whole Trump cult thing or the Sanders cult thing or the worship of any political candidate. Yes, I liked Obama, and even gave him money. But I never thought he was perfect and I never felt the need to be nasty about Hillary Clinton back in 2008.

Anyways, Matt made a suggestion- don't go on Facebook. Matt is wise. I haven't been on there in three days and my mental health has improved.

So now the big question, who to vote for?

And if Sanders gets the nomination, yes I will vote him, despite the actions of his cult members.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Everyone in my family has diabetes. So, surprise, I started feeling super thirsty and drinking a lot of water and peeing every 45 minutes or so. Very unpleasant. I went to the doctor and they discovered that my blood sugar was super high, as was my AC level. Luckily, my pancreas is producing some insulin, so I do not have to inject. Instead I am taking pills, eating a no sugar, no-carb diet, and attempting to get more exercise. Matt and I walked up to the top of Tumamoc Hill, me panting all the way.

At the top.

My blood sugar levels have dropped dramatically, but are still above normal. Not that everything is rosy. I have been feeling gross and depressed, and having blurry vision. So today I went to the fancy eye doctor and had my eyes dilated. Yuck. And then as I was driving home, my glass lens decided to pop out. You do not want to know how ridiculous I looked driving.

Dilated, with Snowball and Ruby keeping me company.

I could not work, the dilation lasted until almost 3 PM. At last it was done so I could run over and collect my mail (a bunch of stamps I ordered on Ebay had arrived), and talk with people about our winning proposal that we did last Thursday. I will be gainfully employed later this year!

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