Friday, May 29, 2020

It seems like the United States is spiraling into craziness.

How many days until the election? 158

How many days until January 20th? 236.

Over 100,000 people dead from Covid-19. Countless others physically damaged. And the police and Trump cult members murdering African-Americans with impunity.

And that piece of shit tweeting all day long. So tired of it.

Here's a picture of one of the zinnias I grew from seed.


On Facebook I am a member of a group, Better Table Settings. This morning some woman from Tennessee posted photos of a wedding rehearsal dinner she held on May 15th. On that day the Covid-19 death total was 81,729. In the photos people are sitting around tables, large groups hanging out. No social distancing, no masks. And of course the other people on that Facebook group loved the photos. It has 400 likes and over 100 comments. I, of course, was the ONLY one who said "We are in the middle of a pandemic."  Entitled middle class white people think they won't be affected. And perhaps they won't, if they are lucky.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Harlan sent me an email asking if I was okay. Yes, I am. I have been lazy about posting. So let's catch up.

Matt stopped by and Ruby got to see her boyfriend. She adores him. She is wearing a new collar and had had a shower bath because she was so smelly. She didn't like the event, but afterward ran around the house excitedly. Her strawberry-kiwi smelling fur was soon dirty again, since she has a hole in the front yard that she likes to sit it.


I was called out to take care of some sensitive archaeology beneath what was once Interstate 10. Spent six days out there, doing sensitive things. Allen found a field system that is over 2,000-years-old, always fun to find.

Allen marking fields.

I won't be going to any estate sales during the pandemic- those things are a disease vector heaven. However, I did make a couple of purchases on an online auction and I went to pick the items up property masked and gloved. This is the Eastlake style occasional table that I got for $29. I took the old modern-ish table I had to Addison for his shop. I love brown furniture. It dates to the 1870s, according to my antique dealer friend Seth.

Eastlake Table.

I also got an enormous bag of kitchen items for $6. Mostly knives and nut crackers. I really wanted the aluminum ice cream scoop. There were a few interesting, old items.

Sterling silver cake tongs.

Sterling silver lemon fork, sugar cube tongs, and demitase sugar spoon. Also sterling silver, I'm going to find a home for these.

 Have done a few more puzzles when I am not transcribing articles.

Fruit catalogues.

Have visited with Gandalf a few times. He likes me because I sneak him treats.


I had 60,000 frequent flyer miles and the chances of me getting on an airplane in the next couple of years are limited, at least until there is a vaccine. So I used some of the miles to get an air fryer and some to get a knife set. The air fryer arrived first. It does cook tater tots and onion rings fast without any oil.

Air fryer. Does take up too much counter space.

On Saturday I went to Safeway on my weekly grocery shopping trip. I told six people to put masks on. I am so over being nice about this. An archaeologist I once worked with died from Covid-19. Only a few years older than me. I am done being nice.

Matt and I went to the Chinese grocery store. Almost everybody wearing masks except for the extremely dirty looking dude. Gross. So many unusual food items (to me) including banana flowers in a can. Who knew?!

Matt and I, masked.

Ray and Robert traded puzzles with me. I cannot get the picture to behave, but I finished this one this morning, taking the day off from work.


Last night the nice neighbor couple had friends over for a party. I do not know if they behaved and did social distancing. I'm guessing not. If so, disappointing.

The zinnias I planted by seed are blooming, albeit looking a little scraggly. They remind me of my mother's garden back in Michigan.


It is 1:05 PM on a Monday. What else can I do to pass the time? I guess wash dishes.

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

It is warming up in Tucson. I put the window AC back in the living room window. When I turn it on the cats come to sit nearby.

I had a nice time on Sunday hanging out with Matt, it almost felt like a normal day.

Out on the front porch the hibiscus is blooming. So when I bought it the card said it would make yellow blossoms. Last year instead it made red ones. Then this year it is making yellow ones. WHY? I don't know why. Crazy!


I have been going through scanned newspapers from the hometown, finding articles about my ancestors. Discovered that Great-great grandpa Elijah accidentally drove his bicycle into the river and that his wife Edna liked to go fishing on her birthdays.

I finished a smaller bird puzzle. I started one with beetles and realized I did not like it, so back in the box. Now I am doing one from the 1960s with stamps on it. I am wondering if all the pieces will be there.

Bird puzzle.

The governor of Arizona is opening everything up, just as the number of deaths and infections is rising. He is also stopping researchers at the universities from modeling infection rates. Not sure how he is able to stop them. This coincides with the orange piece of crap showing up in the state.  I hate him. So much.

Saturday, May 02, 2020

It continues. In less than two months over 60,000 people have died. Three Facebook friends have survived it. I'm starting to hear about people losing relatives and friends.

At the supermarket yesterday half of the people had masks on and people were generally following the directional signs.

We have not had the ridiculous protests here in Tucson, although there was one in Phoenix.

If I wanted I could go out on a walk in the desert, but it is hot now. I put the little window AC unit in to cool off the living room and slept for a while on the couch last night.

I gained back all of the weight I lost dieting. I feel bloated. I guess I am slightly depressed about things right now. I am thankful that I still have a job and that I can escape from the house.

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