Friday, August 14, 2020

The monsoon isn't very monsoony this year. Only one big rain at my house. It did get windy one day and a big branch broke on the willow acacia. Matt came over and cut it down and removed it while I was attending a Zoom board meeting. Thanks Matt!


The barrel fishhook cactus in my backyard is blooming. Very pretty.

Cactus flowers.

I've been watching Perry Mason with Matt. Very well done. Have to pay close attention. I ordered a Perry Mason book from the library. To get the book you go to the desk and they bring it to you, masked and with gloves on. When I go over on the weekend Buddy-boo (Gandalf) is there. He likes to have his tummy rubbed.


At home I feed Clyde twice a day. After he finishes he likes to have his tummy rubbed too, purring loudly. He trusts me, doesn't like other people.


Had a falling out with someone who described a Trump-voting friend as "nice." No. Someone who votes for Donald Trump, knowing all of the horrible things he has done, it not nice. They are evil. Complicit in the racism. In the children in cages. In the destruction of nature. In the defense of neo-Nazis and child rapers. You vote for Trump, you share his values. You are not nice. You are evil.

That's my opinion.

Monday, August 03, 2020

Matt and I wanted to get out of town, so we drove down to the ghost town of Fairbank on the San Pedro River. I forgot to take pictures of the ghost town buildings. It was disappointing that the old school house, which has exhibits, was closed because of the pandemic.

We walked on the trail to the cemetery and stamp mill. We saw some fun critters. We saw several cute millipedes.


Then we saw a furry tarantula. Matt was freaked out by it. If he hadn't been there I would have picked it up. So cute!


On the way back he spotted a snake slithering across the path. It was not a rattlesnake. I do not want to pick up snakes.


There were also some pretty flowers, blooming because the area has gotten some monsoon rain. It was only rained once in Tucson at my house.

Paper flower!

We went to the Fairbank cemetery, which is up on a hill. There are piles of rocks marking individual graves. I think we saw three home-made concrete gravestones.

Matt and Homer.

The scenery from the top of the cemetery is real nice. You can see the Whetstone Mountains far away. The dark green vegetation are cottonwood trees growing along the now-dry San Pedro River.

Pretty scenery.

Back home a stray kitty has decided to live in my backyard. Yesterday he meowed at me when I looked over the fence (Ruby was barking at him). He looked hungry so I got him a can of cat food. He was very happy to eat it.

This morning as I was watering Ruby saw the cat and chased it up into the mesquite tree. The cat meowed at me again. I told Ruby she was being naughty and took her inside. I got another can of food and climbed on the table next to the tree and gave it to him. Backyard Kitty was very hungry! As he was eating he let me pet him and pat his back. He seems very friendly.

Backyard Kitty!

I guess I have another friend to take care of. I will have to tell Ruby to not be naughty.


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