Monday, October 19, 2020

The Orange Thing is in town today, speaking at the airport I think. Spreading Covid-19.

Yesterday at Michaels, which I had gone to to buy green things (my mind isn't working) (pipe cleaners!) for the stems of paper flowers I am making, there was this couple not wearing masks. I haven't seen that in over a month. Everyone in Tucson behaves. Except these two fucking smug idiots. They should have been kicked out of the store. Because you know they are the types busy spreading the disease and killing people. I was with Matt, otherwise I would have started shouting at them. He is afraid I will get shot.


I'm particularly upset about this because a close relative has it back in Michigan and is pretty sick at home. Another close relative is awaiting to find out whether they have it.

Wear a mask.
Practice social distancing.
Wash your hands.
Turn off Fox "News."

Monday, October 12, 2020

I filled out my ballot on Saturday. Voted for only Democrats. Will never, ever vote for another fucking Republican for the rest of my life.

I took the ballot to the post office and mailed it on Sunday.

And today that religious nut is being considered for the Supreme Court. I am not supposed to use a certain word, but she is that Certain Word. She is going to push her fervent fundamentalist religious beliefs on the rest of us. She will directly affect my life in the coming years. I'm watching Senator Amy Klobuchar lecture that Certain Word about the Affordable Care Act. That Certain Word is going to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, and she will have the best government paid for health insurance. All of us with existing conditions will be screwed over. And she will vote against LGBT rights. And she will make abortion illegal. Her opinions on these matters are now known, despite the fact that Certain Word failed to disclose things she had written, lectures she had given, petitions she had signed, because I guess having all of those fundamentalist religious beliefs makes you conveniently forget that you have vile opinions and want to fuck with the lives of millions of people because you believe some Bible bullshit.

Anyways, I hope you vote for only Democrats because if you vote for Republicans you are a Certain Word.  


Friday, October 09, 2020

 How many days until the election? 25! Some observations- I have seen only three vehicles with Trump stickers on them. Not a single Trump sign. There are a scattering of McSally signs. Out on the east side of town you have two crazy Republican women Mabel Gummere and someone surnamed Wadsack. 

Matt and I tried to watch the first two debates. After maybe 20 minutes we turned to something else. Why waste time watching the asshole blabbering and the robot being robotic. I am hoping that my ballot arrives to my house today so I can vote DEMOCRATIC.

I purchased the Hyundai Accent from the Scottsdale Hertz Sales dealer. I am still waiting for my plates. They do not answer their phone. The online Yelp reviews include another person who is waiting months for their plates. I contacted the national office on Facebook and they responded. Hopefully it will be resolved.

Clyde Kitty is gradually making friends. I was really surprised to see him sitting with Snowball.

Snowball still won't look at Clyde Kitty.

He is very cuddly at times, and in the morning he wants to play but his teeth and claws are sharp!

You smell!

Saturday, October 03, 2020

It is October 2020. The year that is going by so fast but never seems to end.

When I talk to Matt on the telephonic device, I often sit on the front porch. Ruby insists I throw the ball so she can get it all slobbering and dirty. Finally, when it is terribly gross, I refuse to throw it. Clyde may be sitting nearby watching that stupid dog doing stupid dog things.

Clyde and Ruby.

I bought some pizza dough at Trader Joe's and made a couple of vegetarian pizzas. They were delicious and probably fattening.


I went to the doctor for my semi-annual physical. I had to put on little paper booties and wear a mask. The next day I got my results back and was amazed at how much improved I was over the last time. This is despite eating a lot of junk and gaining weight. It is a Covid Miracle.

2020 Fashion.

In the backyard, the year-old marigolds that I got for last year's All Souls Procession have magically come back to life. They are pretty.


The small yellow sunflowers that Birdy planted have also come back to life and are providing bees with some delicious nectar.

Mini sunflowers.

For the last month or so there was a terrible smell in the bathroom. Horrible. I thought it was the drains and my attempts to ameliorate it were unsuccessful. Finally I decided that the wax ring for the toilet must be defective. So I lifted it up and replaced the ring (it took two of them). It was a disgusting project. And then it turned out the horrible smell was mold growing on the little bathroom rug. 

Waste closet renovation.

Well someone in the White House is a disease vector and so many people, including the orange thing and his Slovenian "I really don't care," have acquired the trendy Covid-19 virus. What a surprise. It was only a matter of time. I'm hoping they all recover soon because I want to see them kicked out. 


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