Monday, November 09, 2020

On election night I could not sleep. It wasn't until 4 AM when I saw that Biden was ahead in Wisconsin that I was finally able to sleep for a few hours.

And then Saturday morning it was official, Biden had won. Such a feeling of peace and calm filled me. No more stupid tweets. No more racist and homophobic crap coming from the White House. History being made with the first mixed-race Vice President, who coincidentally is a woman. I am so happy.

And of course the Orange Thing is busy having temper tantrums. Who cares. 

It rained this morning. Clyde Kitty was happy to come inside. Snowball has decided that Clyde is alright and doesn't hiss at him anymore. Ruby wants him to play with her, but Clyde is not interested. Poor Ruby. She is so obsessed with playing ball fetch. She would do that for hours if only this human would cooperate.

Snowball, Ruby, Clyde Kitty, and Buddy Cat.


Monday, November 02, 2020

I'm working on a new project downtown. As we were stripping away the overburden we came upon a pit (probably a cesspool) filled with 1960s trash. I told John I hoped to find some cowboy and Indians, and the next backhoe scrape a toy gun showed up. Then I looked down and there were two toy soldiers. Later in the backdirt I found the troll doll and a money from a Barrel of Monkeys. Currently I am digging a well or outhouse pit filled with 1930s trash. 

1960s toys,.

At the Presidio Museum Matt helped me put up an altar for All Soul's Day, honoring my mother and her ancestors. I had to go back and put name tags on the photos and I started weeping. I miss my mother.


Tomorrow is election day. Biden better win. I have been, of course, obsessing about it.


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