Sunday, April 18, 2021

We journeyed north to Casa Grande to go see Casa Grande National Monument, only to discover it was closed on Sundays. So instead we went to the Rooster Cogburn place near Picacho Peak.

What a horror. Despite signs telling people to wear a mask, many were not. I felt sorry for the workers being exposed to whatever those disease vectors were spreading.

They give you blue plastic cups with green pellets, a think of sugar syrup, and some coins to get feed for chickens, rabbits, and ducks. Also a little stick coated with seeds for the parakeets. The parakeets enjoyed this immensely.


Many of the other animals- the fallow deer, sheep, and goats looked miserable. Especially the goats, one group of which were stuck in this raised cage thing. Another group were sticking their heads out of openings begging for food.

In contrast, the ostriches seemed to be enjoying themselves, eagerly grabbing pellets out of your hands.


The lorikeets take the lids off the little plastic containers and drink the sugar syrup. They seemed healthy and tame, and were quite pretty.

Matt and a lorikeet.

Afterward I came home, had a nap, played ball with Ruby, chatted with Mario on the phone, and now I am watching a Korean tv show on Netflix. Tomorrow I am back digging an Hohokam pit structure, hoping to get down to the floor and hopefully finding more interesting artifacts.


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