Monday, June 21, 2021

Ray and Robert magically appeared from Spain and we had supper on the patio of a restaurant. They returned but Matt and I are planning to go visit them once pandemic things are through

Ray and Robert.

At home it is cockroach season and the enormous cockroaches are appearing inside my house. Gross.

Also gross, discovering that Clyde has worms. I bought expensive worm medicine to treat all three of the kids, but Clyde and Snowball won't eat the food that I mashed the pills into.


I buy old painting at thrift stores and sometimes internet auctions. They are slowly covering my living room walls.

Shore scene, $20 at Habitat for Humanity.

Small still life, $5.

1948 landscape, I think this one was $7.

Flowers in a vase, also $7.

Big landscape, $20-something. This one is on my bedroom wall.

My favorite furniture style is Eastlake, popular in the 1870s-1890s. I purchased this mirror-shelf for $30 at an estate sale.

Accidental self portrait.

And I was given an enormous rug for free, it looks nice in my living room.

Enormous rug.

The last week was record-breaking heat. We spent the last three weekends playing in pools, that has been a relief. My living room window AC unit has decided to have problems- it shoots water inside my house, apparently the condenser drain is plugged. Supposedly it is easy to fix, but at 2:30 AM that is not possible. So I went into the bedroom and was warm, very warm.

Also, the creeping fear that the Democrats are fucking things up because Manchin and Sinema are refusing to get rid of the filibuster. I hate both of them, and especially Sinema because she is a Democrat from Arizona and is totally, utterly useless.


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