Sunday, September 26, 2021

Well September 16th rolled around again and I am now 58. How did that happen? Matt got pizza and fried zuchini and then I opened presents. Shirts, underpants, candle-making stuff. And a latch hook rug kit.

I have never made a latch hook rug. It is a challenge.

Latch hook.

He also got me a macrame book. My sisters did macrame in the 70s (everyone did). Reading the book, oh it looks so hard!

Macrame book.

He was worried I wouldn't like the ice cream cake but it was delicious.

Sparkle 58!

I feel like the luckiest man.

Matt and cake.

The following Saturday we went with Vaughn to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. There are a lot of plants there. Also three sad chickens locked up in a small cage.

Some of the plants.

A week passes. Lots of monitoring. I actually found a small canal. Last night it rained hard, lasting into the morning. Poor Ruby did not want to go outside. I tricked her. Clyde Kitty scratched at the door until I let him in. He also does not like the rain. I was going to do more yardwork, but can't while it is wet. Darn!



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