Sunday, January 29, 2023

A month passed. I had a Holiday Party in mid-December. I decorated, cleaned house, and cooked. I made lots of gingerbread and sugar cookies (remember, don't use Better Homes sugar cookie recipe).

Martha Stewart's sugar cookies. 

Right before the party a bunch of people cancelled and I wondered if anyone was going to show up. And then they did. It was a nice party.

Shannon and Jeffrey.


My favorite new vintage decoration- a plastic canvas village.

Plastic canvas church.

I made a lot of tin can luminarias. They are fun, both to make, and to light up.
Tin can luminaria.

Matt and I went to Summerhaven and walked through the neighborhood to see the lights. It was fun.


On Holiday morning Matt got lots of fun presents- Temporama dishes, Martha Stewart cookbooks, and a Martha Stewart Nativity set.

Matt and the so-called Virgin Mary.

Matt flew to New Orleans to see his sister. The night before he made Jiffy Pop popcorn, somewhat not successfully.

Jiffy Pop.

While he was gone there was a really nice sunset.


I was asked to make my co-worker Jenny's birthday cake. We sat next to each other in grad school in 1988. I made a yellow cake, adding Meyer lemon juice and zest, and then dripping bittersweet ganache over it. It was delicious.

Jenny's Birthday cake.

Brent and I went to northwest Arizona to do an archaeological survey. This is a part of the state I had not been to. 

Boundary Cone along Route 66.

We ended up close to the western part of the Grand Canyon where there is a beautiful Joshua Tree forest,

Joshua tree and Homer.

Joshua Tree forest.

This weekend Matt and I went to an antique store.

Matt and Homer.

I wanted to get a plate to add to my kitchen wall. I found one dating to the 1820s that was inexpensive due to wear and tear.

Some of the plates.


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