Friday, April 28, 2023

I've been enjoying the spring weather, except for the re-emergence of the disgusting, enormous roaches that live beneath my house.

I drove to Clifton to do a survey around the old drive-in theatre. The flowers were amazing.



Matt came over and we dyed eggs for Egg Day. 

Matt and eggs.

Carver loaded Matt and I into his SUV and we went on dirt roads in the Tucson Mountains. I was in the back seat being thrown around. We saw a lot of blooming cacti.

Matt and Homer.

Blooming cacti and some purple flowers.

The next day was Egg Day. Carver, John, and Doug joined Matt and I for lunch. I used my Mallo Ware melamine dishes to set the table (I have over 200 pieces). I made spanikopita, peas, and vanilla-banana pudding. Matt brought carrots, scalloped potatoes, and ham (yuck!).

Egg Day Table.

The pets have been extra needy lately, with Snowball demanding wet food often. She doesn't have many teeth left and can't eat the dry food. And of course Clyde and Ruby have to have some too.

Snowball and Clyde.

Homer and Ruby.

My friend Jossello stopped by to visit. He was in Nogales, Sonora taking care of his rental there, and spent the night before heading to Palm Springs and then San Francisco. It was really nice to catch up. We went to IHOP for supper.


Nice Grandma F had a big bowl of fake fruit. Mother gave me some one year for a Holiday present. I decided I needed more and found some on Ebay for cheap. The people at work were amazed I would decorate with them. Matt said it looked elegant.

Vintage fake fruit.

We are living in strange times. Republicans have no policies so they have turned on the anti-LGBT hate, especially towards trans youths. I know several trans people. It it hard enough to live as a trans person without all of these vile laws being enacted. As many people have stated, the cruelty is the point. But I guess it gets the deplorables excited. What's next? More of the same. So glad Arizona has a Democratic governor.

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