Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Current Events

I'm suffering from a reverse farmer's tan. I went skinny dipping at a friend's pool on Sunday and although I applied sunscreen, I forgot to do my upper arms. The rest of me is slightly brown and like everyone else, I think I look better with a little tan skin.

I took pity on the kitties this afternoon and allowed them into the kitchen/dining room- after I carefully covered the couches so Joey can't piss on them. They seem very happy, especially because they can sit in the backdoor and look out.

Chuck George is reading the weather on the telly. He was gone for a few years and came back to Tucson. Did he have plastic surgery? Or maybe its just the blinding whiteness of his teeth. I miss Tom Johnston, who was soooo cute.

I'm monitoring the restoration of an old adobe house in the oldest part of Tucson. I've been digging holes beneath the floor before scaffolding and jacks are installed to hold the upper portion of the house up as the damaged adobe bricks near the base of the wall are replaced. I've been finding prehistoric artifacts (pottery, a piece of a shell bracelet, flaked stone) and Presidio era items- including some majolica pottery and a really cool Spanish period nail. I've also been researching the history of the house and its first occupants. It's really fun and a relief from sitting at my desk writing.

I was the successful bidder on some divided Mallo Ware plates on Ebay. I cobbled together the "Official Mallo Ware Collector's Website" using dull Microsoft FrontPage last year. My ceramics dishes from Pier One were all chipped and looking ugly. I pulled out my mother's melamine dishes from the 50s and 60s and got on Ebay and found some more. My friends are always amazed when they see them and recently a co-worker went online and started her own collection. I'm still looking for a few colors and a cafeteria tray to complete my collection.

What else? I'm trying to upgrade on Blogger so I can put photos on here but it is being ornery.

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