Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Redheads Can someone explain why men with auburn or red hair are so attractive? Ever since I was in high school I have had this thing for them. I dunno why, I just like that look. Maybe I should move to Ireland or Scotland.

Actually, the thought of moving to another country has been going through my head a lot lately. If the Republicans manage to finagle their proposed constitutional amendment against gay marriage I don't think I will want to stay in the United States. It is very tiresome to be hated and loathed by a significant portion of the population because of unrational religious beliefs. Where to go? I'm terrible at language so the most likely place would be Canada. That would be a big change- moving north to the cold, the wet, the snowy. But maybe that would be okay. There is not a lot holding me here in Tucson besides my job. I have some really good friends and a house that I would never sell (housing is very cheap here and I could rent this for the mortgage payment). But in a year or two I may be ready for a big change.

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