Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Geez, I've been so lazy. Normally I come home from work and work on my own stuff, but I'm in one of those periodic phases in which playing with the cats, cleaning house, and just doing nothing is much more interesting.

My mother comes and spends a couple of weeks in November every year since 1997. She is so easy to get along with and we have a good time. I take her out to have Ethiopian and Indian food, which aren't available back in rural Michigan. My friends come over and hang out- a couple of them think of my mom as a substitute for their late mothers. It is really nice.

We went to Mesquite Growers Nursery last November and I bought a packet of daisy seeds. I scratched up an area in my front "lawn" (I let the grass die and it is mostly dirt) and planted the seeds, not really believing that much would come of that. Instead in the spring this big patch came up and for a few weeks I had amazing flowers. See below.

Front yard daisies, Spring 2003.

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